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  1. Thank you Heather. Let me know if your friend is near this childhood home too.

  2. I was sad to hear them splitting too … I also had high hopes! How neat to see their child hood homes. My girlfriend lives in Ada, OK I will have to ask her if she is near his. Thanks for sharing. very cool pictures too!

  3. Oh Yes! Love Ethan Hawkes Townhouse. I was thinking it was done up in fun colors for the kids. I assume (let me know if I am wrong) you don’t even need air conditioning where you live and that it is not so hot in that part of California and no humidity.

  4. We still have no air conditioning other than opening every room in the house to let the air circulate.

    I had to skip over to Ethan Hawke’s house to check it out. It was definitely not what I expected with all the primary colors. I thought his place would be more dark colors and steel.

  5. Thank you Crystal, I know you’re a country gal and would like this post.

  6. Thank you Carolann, I should have added some photos of them as I did not think about others not knowing who they are.

  7. Like you, I had high hopes for this couple too because they looked like they were truly in love. It breaks my heart the amount of people that are getting divorced.Hence, that’s one of the reasons why I write about marriage like I do.

    I love these country style homes. It does provide plenty of down home memories. There’s something to be said for a white picket fence.

  8. I don’t know who they are, but as with any couple, it’s always sad to hear about them divorcing. I think I watched that show once. I’ll have to google them 🙂

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