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  1. I somehow did not see this Eric. That would be tricky. Since we ordered a kit that came with the frame I am not sure what you could do other than maybe go to a hardware store and special order a window door frame to fit your stained glass piece. That would be beautiful in a door.

  2. eric alexander says:

    I have a nice stained glass piece that i bought at a sale for $10 and I’ve been wanting to put it in my front door. After reading this, it gives me more confidence to do the project. My only concern is what to use to seal the window into the door. Insulation,trim,etc.

  3. Hi Sophie, it took us a day to cut the opening and insert the new decorative glass into the door. Then we painted it the next day. Thanks for the visit.

  4. amazing how a simple change can be so effective. Just out of curiosity how long did it actually take to do?

  5. I’ve been looking at DIY posts today and really like when the COST and TIME/DURATION and ‘complexity’ is mentioned at the beginning of the post.

  6. O my that door is amazing. It looks awesome and did seem easier than I thought it would be after reading this. Bold, Brave & smart payed off! Way to go Sue! Fantastic

  7. Big huge thank you Anj. This door made a huge impact and was not all that hard to do either.

  8. What a fabulous job you guys did on this door. No one would even think it wasn’t store bought like this. Bravo its stunning now. Luff how this turned out.

  9. Thanks Heather so much. I do get a lot of joy from the glass in the door with the way the sun shines through it to just looking at the design.

  10. What a beautiful transformation! I love the detail on the glass and it matches so perfectly with the work you guys did before. Love that you did this yourselves. You should be very proud!

  11. Thank you Carol. I am usually the one who comes up with the ideas. In this case it was his idea to do the door this way instead of buying a new door. This was probably one of the most OMG I don’t believe we are doing this projects, but it turned out to be easy.

  12. Thank you Carol, we are enjoying the happy, bright entryway. I know I have seen how-tos on the kitchen cabinets like you are thinking about. Maybe Apartment Therapy and for sure Hometalk would have a post about it.

  13. Beautiful work Sue! What an amazing transformation. I love the silver hardware and the glass you chose is a perfect fit! What a great idea doing the work yourself. Tim is a master!

  14. What a beautiful entry you have created. I love the open look and that you were clever enough to do the work yourself.

    I would love to change 3 of my kitchen cabinet doors from flat wood to windows. I wonder if we could do that ourselves?

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