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  1. It is very bizarre like out of a twilight zone show. I hope it sells and all this craziness stops.

  2. Wow! It is a beautiful home, though…And Westfield, NJ is a beautiful town.

  3. Yeesh! Can’t believe the police couldn’t catch a stalker. Such a shame. It’s a beautiful home.

  4. Thanks Heather. You’re right, it is odd no suspect has been charged yet.

  5. I adore this house! It is really very nice. I would be creeped out too, I can’t believe they can’t catch this wacko.

  6. This such a beautiful property no letter would keep me from it. If only I could afford it. One can dream…

  7. This home is so beautiful it’s a shame some wacko has to go and ruin it for everyone. I love the backstory as creepy as it is. I’m sure someone will make a movie about it soon enough. What a great post Sue!

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