How To Build a Simple Pallet Lounge Chair

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Hi I’m Sandra, Sue’s sister and contributor to Housekaboodle.Today I am happy to share my simple pallet lounge chair I built. First I’ll tell you how this whole pallet lounge chair project got started and I actually ended up building two pallet chairs.

I’ve had a pair of couch cushions stacked in my basement for years. They are from a couch that was falling apart and desperately needed to be replaced. I couldn’t bring myself to throw out these beauties. I knew one day I would build a frame for them and put them to good use.

About 10 years later I became inspired from so many people who have created masterpieces from Recycled Pallets. I finally put myself to work on this long overdue project.

My goal was to make it simple and fast. I spent a few hours on and off painting the two pallets with a paint sprayer. I didn’t prime at all. I just kept at them until they were covered well. Then I let them dry overnight. The next day I worked the pallets into this HUGE orange rolling pallet chair! The pallets were cut to size to fit the “old” cushions of course!

Pallet Lounge Chair


DIY Pallet Lounge Chair - the back is 32 inches base is 43 inches and it's 40 inches wide

How to build a simple pallet lounge chair

I used a few 2×4’s and some screws and assembled this support system that is strong and mighty!! The 2×4’s fit perfectly between the pallet boards. A 35 degree angle cut on the bottom of the support 2×4’s. This gave a good resting position for the back of the chair.

2 – 2×4 side supports

Large Industrial caster wheels were used on my pallet lounge chairLarge industrial caster wheels to keep with the pallet’s casual theme and more importantly … This monster is heavy and needs to be easily moved as I am always rearranging furniture.

Breaks on the wheels were a must have option. Although it stays in place well because of the weight … my kids have already ran and dove into the chair from across the room!

Plus the wheels are screwed into 2.4’s that were attached to the bottom/base pallet.

How to build a simple pallet lounge chair with caster wheelsWheels and Support

One of the old sofa cushions turned into a simple pallet lounge chairHere’s one of the old cushions saved from all those long years ago.

How to build a simple pallet chair by Sandra Wilkinson on HousekaboodleNot bad for a few hours of work and some old cushions


How to build a simple pallet lounge chair

Use leftover fabric to make a colorblock cover for pallet chairFor the colorblock pallet lounge chair, I had a lot of extra fabric scraps left over from other projects.

Layout the colors how you want them to look on the pallet lounge chair

Pallet Lounge Chair Cover - I used remnant I had leftover to turn this pallet chair into something awesome

Green covered pallet chairMy daughter loves spending all her spare time lounging about on the chair.


I forgot to paint the 2×4’s before assembly. Once the pallet lounge chair was put together I had to paint them, which was not so easy but doable.

How To Build a Simple Pallet Lounge ChairI also would have extended the wheel base 2×4 all the way to the front of the base. It works fine, but I think it would have looked better ..profile view anyway.

My family of 5 gets a lot of use out of our large pallet chairs everyday. It was a nice economical way to create extra seating in my home since I already had the fabric and cushions.

Have you built any furniture out of pallets? I’d love to hear about your project too.

Have a great day,

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