Affordable Red Brick Colonial

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Affordable red brick colonial.  There is a report out by Coldwell Banker about the most affordable places to buy a home that I was reading about on Business Insider because I often blog about houses for sale to it peaked my interest.  In the United States, the average listing price of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is $292,152.  California, specifically Los Altos, is the most expensive place to buy a home of which California is no surprise to be on the most expensive real estate list.  Michigan has some of the most affordable housing with Redord and Ann Arbor in the average listing price of $60,490.  Just some of the other states and towns listed are Irvington, New Jersey, Terrell, Texas, and Lehigh Acres, Florida.     –Business Insider

This Red Brick Colonial house in the Coldwell Banker housing lineup is in Cleveland, Ohio for $84,900.

Affordable Red Brick Colonial Red brick Colonial has 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, 1700+ square feet and has been totally redone.

living room with hardwood floorsHardwood floors, fireplace, and built-ins under the window make a nice front living room.

Colonial house fireplace

Small kitchen Small kitchen.  It states everything has been redone. (?)  I don’t like the white/wood mix here one bit, but for $84,000 some new cabinets could be installed or at least paint all of the cabinets white and get new hardware.

small kitchen eat areaSmall eat-in nook area that is kinda cute and charming, and if you remodel the kitchen this eat-in nook could be used for kitchen cabinets instead.

Charming dining roomDining room has more built-ins.   Again with the white/wood look that I don’t like, but is so easy to fix.

Colonial house dining roomI think the house sells itself though.

Colonial house inside entranceI’ll take it.  Wrap it up for the under the tree please.  Red brick Colonial is small, affordable, and charming.

This Colonial is number 11 on the List of Cheapest Real Estate Markets In The United States.

You can see the whole house at Coldwell Banker/Business Insider.

The complete list is here.


Source: Business Insider

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