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  1. Thanks Shelia – Once I saw the lineup of colorful mailboxes I just knew it would be a wonderful place.

  2. I had not thought about sleeping with the sound of the water factor; that is my most favorite thing about living near the water.

  3. i could totally live there i would love to rock to sleep with the sway of the ocean what a great little find thanks for sharing Sue

  4. I am a bit enchanted with houseboats in general and Seattle has so many to choose from. Loved your Lake Wobegon town post Gina.

  5. GK Adams @ American Small Towns says:

    What a charming little abode! I’ve always loved the idea of living in a floating home and there’s no better place than Seattle.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    It’s like a little candy! Very precious!

  7. My aunt lived on a houseboat on Lake Union is Seattle. I think it would be totally cool to live on a houseboat and of course with my love of color, I am smitten. The rooftop deck looks to be a little scary though – like you might fall off if there was a bit of wild weather.

  8. It is probably someone’s weekend or vacation location. So darn cute and happy.

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