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  1. I would like to have a tiny caravan in my backyard for a guest house…wouldn’t that be cute?

  2. That little red caboose is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! What a unique concept. I would love to stay there!

  3. Gosh yes, you need to have space for the little ones, for sure. A Holiday for a few days here would be so epic to remember but with kids they would need to be able to go outside a lot!

  4. These look so cute! I’d love to stay in one for a vacation or an over-nighter. I love our small-ish house but couldn’t live in something quite that small. I NEED personal space for an escape from my kiddos, ages 6 & 7, every so often lol 🙂

  5. So happy you think it is really cute too. I was glad they let me feature it here for my readers and to help them get the word out.

  6. This is freaking adorable! I’m used to go in holidays in very small rental, but I don’t think I’ve ever rented such a small place!

  7. You could use one of these tiny houses as your craft room or storage room.

  8. oh no no no i would need at least 6 of these linked up together i need roooooooooooooooms lol but fun to see thanks for sharing Sue

  9. Now that is a great idea to make one of these into a Woman Cave! Love this idea.

  10. One would definitely have to downsize their possessions to live here permanently that is for sure. Love the 100 items each factor Debra xoxo

  11. I guess I was not that clear. Yep, it’s a hotel type place to stay in with reservations and everything.

  12. I recently read a magazine article that featured some couples that bought this size residence for their permanent home! They said they had to downsize their possessions — due to limited storage, they only allowed themselves 100 items each. Might be fun for a weekend get-away!


  13. I am confused by the word hotel.

    Can people come to stay in one of these darling little caravans or do you take it out on the road?

    Clever, creative, cute.

    Another fun post from you.

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