Tiny Houses – A Red Caboose

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Tiny Houses A Red Caboose: Tiny houses are all the rage including this red Caboose from CARAVAN the Tiny House Hotel in Portland.  In fact, it is “the first tiny house hotel in the United States,” how about that! Oh what fun it would be to stay in a red caboose.

These tiny houses at CARAVAN are in a popular “funky Alberta Arts District.” See, there is more than one tiny house hotel at Caravan.

Currently, they have four tiny houses to pick from:

  • The Caboose
  • Skyline
  • The Rosebud and
  • The Tandem

They are built on trailers with wheels which if you think about it is not an entirely new idea, but definitely unique.  I’ve shown you tiny houses including a whimsical floating tiny houseboat, Tumbleweed tiny houses, and a cottage from tiny houses listings.  I am happy to add The Caboose from Caravan the tiny house hotel to the list today.  Let’s look at the choo-choo.

Tiny Houses A Red Caboose is for rent in Portland

That cute cupola on the second level is a fun sleeping loft with a big window.

Loft bed area in The Caboose

The loft in The Caboose with a queen-sized mattress is a good spot for Mom and Dad or couples.  Caravan says Caboose sleeps 1-4 people and is a good option for families.

Tiny Houses A Red Caboose kitchen and dining

Tiny Houses A Red Caboose: Kitchen and dining table.  Description details include:  “Beneath the sleeping loft are two twin-sized, cozy bunk beds with custom-made quilts and comfy pillows and a sitting area for 4-5 people.

The custom-built benches, cabinets, ladder, fold-out dining table, cobbled wood floor (amazing), curved roof elements, and copper shelving, make the interior of the Caboose pop with detail.

Within its’ 140 sq ft., The Caboose holds an impressive amount of richly designed, unique and artistic features, including the builder’s signature Mason jar lighting and copper piping.”

Kitchen and twin bunks

Kitchen and the twin bunks where kids will love to sleep.

Caboose-interior view from bathroom

The view from the bathroom reveals the masterpiece craftsmanship.

Curved roof interior - The Caboose

Unique curved roof interior.

The owners, founders, and partners of Tiny House Hotel are Deb Delman and Kol Peterson.  On their website, they state: “Starting Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel, as a business was a gamble and a challenge, because this business hadn’t been done before, which made it all the more intriguing for us.”  I like that they went for their dream and made it come true.

If you are in the Portland area or planning a visit, Book The Caboose on their reservation system Airbnb.

Wanna see more?  Here are their other tiny house hotels:

Skyline at CARAVAN tiny house hotel
The Rosebud CARAVAN Tiny House Hotel


The Rosebud

The Tandem CARAVAN Tiny House Hotel

The Tandem

Many thanks to Caravan for sharing The Caboose and their Tiny House Hotel.  Head over to learn more about them. Tiny House Hotel

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  1. That little red caboose is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! What a unique concept. I would love to stay there!

  2. Gosh yes, you need to have space for the little ones, for sure. A Holiday for a few days here would be so epic to remember but with kids they would need to be able to go outside a lot!

  3. These look so cute! I’d love to stay in one for a vacation or an over-nighter. I love our small-ish house but couldn’t live in something quite that small. I NEED personal space for an escape from my kiddos, ages 6 & 7, every so often lol 🙂

  4. So happy you think it is really cute too. I was glad they let me feature it here for my readers and to help them get the word out.

  5. oh no no no i would need at least 6 of these linked up together i need roooooooooooooooms lol but fun to see thanks for sharing Sue

  6. One would definitely have to downsize their possessions to live here permanently that is for sure. Love the 100 items each factor Debra xoxo

  7. I recently read a magazine article that featured some couples that bought this size residence for their permanent home! They said they had to downsize their possessions — due to limited storage, they only allowed themselves 100 items each. Might be fun for a weekend get-away!


  8. I am confused by the word hotel.

    Can people come to stay in one of these darling little caravans or do you take it out on the road?

    Clever, creative, cute.

    Another fun post from you.

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