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Bungalow Bed and Breakfast

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A nice Bungalow Bed and Breakfast in Atlanta Georgia for sale has an interesting history.  A fire in 1995 did extensive damage to this 1920s Craftsman Bungalow, but the homeowner, Adele Northrup, turned the tragedy into a dream come true for herself by remodeling her house into a Bed and Breakfast.

Having a son who is an architect teacher came in handy along the way for help planning the cottage garden, fence, and the house renovation as a Bed and Breakfast. -Virginia Highland

The Bungalow opened as a Bed and Breakfast in 1996 shortly before the Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia.  Now, the Bungalow has housed a legendary list of Olympians and families from all around the world.  The homeowner turned Bed and Breakfast owner, Adele, was formerly an interior landscaping business owner and known as the “Plant Lady.”  Naturally, the landscaping and flowers growing around the Bungalow Bed and Breakfast show off the Plant Lady’s skill. -Virginia Highland

Welcome to Virginia Highland Bed and Breakfast at 630 Orme Circle Atlanta, Georgia.  Although currently a working Bed and Breakfast, the Bungalow is offered to new owners as a private residence, as an Investment, or to continue on as a Bed & Breakfast.

Bungalow Bed & Breakfast

Outside includes a deck, front porch, patio, gardens, professional landscaping, and the property is an unusual Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary along with having a classic Labyrinth.  Next is a look at the gate….

White gate Love the circular opening gate beckoning one to enter.

TrellisWonderful trellis overflowing with flowers is just one of the outdoor sanctuaries to enjoy.

Audobon Wildlife SancturayAn introductory view into the Audubon Wildlife area.

Bungalow front porch

Dining Room B&B Atlanta Georgia Close up of dining room reveals wonderful period furniture pieces that fit beautifully with this restored 1920’s Bungalow.

Living room Dining room

Virginia Highland Bed and Breakfast kitchen

Bed and Breakfast guest kitchen with hardwood floors.  It doesn’t say, but by the looks of it, the sink is an original.

Second kitchen Bungalow for saleThe Bungalow is actually also a duplex.  Here is another kitchen.

Bedroom One of the bedrooms.  I think operating a bed and breakfast would be a lot of work.  Every nook and cranny has to be sparkling clean all the time, everyday, year after year.  So, I have admire Bed and Breakfast owners and their dedication.

Classic Labryrinth The classic Labyrinth reported to be part of the property is kind of like a maze, but less confusing.  There is one route to the center and back and not difficult to navigate.

Flower beds

Screened in PorchThe porch looks like a line of homemade tulips line the windows.

Rear view of Bungalow bed and breakfast for saleOpening the Bed and Breakfast allowed Adele to retire early from her Interior Landscaping career and do something she previously only dreamed of doing someday.

So for this Bungalow and this homeowner….dreams do come true.

You can see more of the Bungalow at Atlanta Real Estate and Trulia, and read about the history of Virginia Highland Bed and Breakfast here.

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