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  1. Hi Belinda, Thank you so very much for letting me know more about Melrose Castle. I also hope someone buys it and restores it to its former glory. Film companies should shoot a movie here don’t you think? I am sorry to hear the sad news about Mrs. Bryant’s son dying in an accident, very tragic. It lifts my heart to hear you got to play here as a child though. Have a nice day and thanks again for commenting.

  2. My best friend lived on Melrose Castle Farm. We would visit the little girl who’s parents were the caretakers for Mrs. Bryant. Great place to play when your kid. It’s sad how it seemed to go downhill when Mrs. Bryant died. Her son gave my friend and myself a ride in his sports car. It was sad to hear he died during a diving accident. I hope someone buys the place and restores it like it was back in the day.

  3. How fun to live and play in a castle.

  4. You have one up for auction and I have a foreclosure; sign of the times!

  5. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Wow Sue – that is quite the place! with such history! I wonder why it went into foreclosure? Sign of the times I guess…

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