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Melrose Castle in Foreclosure – Buy a Fairytale

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Melrose Castle in Casanova Virginia is in foreclosure.  If you’ve been searching for a place to live in worthy of the King or Queen that you are, Melrose Castle is just the place to make your fairytale come true.

A historic castle built around 1853 that sits on 50 enchanted acres.  Dupont Castle states the original owners were the Murrays, but named it Melrose Castle due to their Scottish descent and loving the author of Melrose Abbey.  The castle was originally built using stones from the property.  In the 1940s the owner was a polo player who added onto it.

Measuring in at 9,000 square feet it packs five bedrooms, five full baths, and two half-baths.  Eight fireplaces (2 in the master) to warm your kingly feet.  A guest house, pool and tennis courts.  Barn with stalls and two paddocks.  Speaking of kingly, the kitchen is gourmet with Viking appliances and granite counters.  I spy double refrigerators; one for the king and one for the queen.

Melrose Castle in Foreclosure - Buy a Fairytale Melrose Castle in all its historic old world charm foreclosure list price is $1,500,000 making it a million dollar castle listing.

Virginia Auburn Castle MurrayWikimedia Commons

HISTORICAL FACT:  Melrose Castle did double duty during the civil war housing both the North and South.

8871 Rogues Rd Warrenton VA Melrose Castle 2Today’s exterior of Melrose Castle is quite similar to the Civil War era sketch above.  The terret has a famous spiral or circle staircase that leads to the roof. It is reported that author Mary Reinhardt stayed in Melrose Castle one summer.  Her inspiration was sparked by the staircase and wrote the mystery novel “The Circular Staircase” which was later made into the movie “The Spiral Staircase.”

Melrose Castle gourmet kitchenDupont Castle states that not only are there two refrigerators like I spied, but two ovens, two dishwashers, plus a full freezer.  A butlers pantry and a bedroom and bath off the kitchen that was probably the servants quarters.

Melrose Castle hallwayGrand Hallway

Melrose Castle chandalier and fireplace

Melrose Castle upstairs hallwayThere are many references to Melrose Castle on Dupont Castle to read about.  A recent report from April of 2013 states it was abandoned and being vandalized by teens.  Then another reader wrote in a few days later stating it was not being vandalized.

Turret stairway

Melrose Castle walls

Melrose Castle spiral staircaseThe spiral staircase leading to the roof that inspired Rinehart to write “The Circular Staircase.”  Born in 1876 and died in 1958, she is credited for inventing the “Had I But Known” school of mystery writing relating to The Circular Staircase novel.  She also coined the phrase “The butler did it.”

If you live in the Warrenton, VA area and are looking for a castle, visit Trulia to see the enchanted forest and more.

“We Built a Castle Near the Rocks,
we built it out of sand.

Our fortress was an ice-cream box
with turret, tall and grand.

Our men were twigs, our gun were straws
from which we’d sipped at lunch.

We had the best of wars…
till someone’s foot



[Joan Walsh Anglund]”
― Jack PrelutskyRead-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young

Sources: GoodReads, Dupont Castle, and Trulia as above.

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