Laguna Beach Cottage Flawlessly Restored

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This is a tiny Laguna beach cottage that was brought back to life.  The cottage was in shambles, but there is no way to tell by looking at it today. It was restored to how it would have looked in 1946 by Collins Design & Development.

The floors, lighting, doors, and windows are original. The kitchen and bathrooms were remodeled. This idyllic Laguna beach home is called Lombardy Lane. It’s incredible what a small house can look like. This one has a lot of charming details.

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Beach Cottage in Laguna.

It’s a tiny Laguna beach cottage of 950 square feet.  I would like a bit more room than that, but it’s such a classic beauty, I think most people would be happy to call it home.

Laguna Beach cottage restored by Collins Design & Development photo by Grey Crawford


Laguna Beach Cottage remodel - living room - Houzz

All photos by Clark Collins – Collins Design & Development

Laguna Beach Cottage

I like the Tradewinds sign and built-in cabinets that inspire me to cut a hole in the wall and make one like it.

Shiplap walls

Fun vintage swimsuits give a nod to the beach and the by-gone era of 1946 when the cottage was built.

Amazing remodeled cottage kitchen
Laguna Beach cottage restored - Photo by Grey Crawford

Perfect how the round kitchen table fits into the window seating so no chairs crowd the tiny dining area. I am amazed at the original light fixture.

Laguna Beach cottage restored - Photo by Grey Crawford

Another great built-in cabinet and the fancy scrollwork is reminiscent of the cottage’s history.

Laguna Beach cottage - Bedroom.

I like all the windows in the house including this bedroom window and matching door that opens to an unexpected terrace.

It is hard to say goodbye to this picturesque place.

You can see more of this Beachy Style house on Houzz by Clark Collins – Collins Design & Development.

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Bee Cottage.
Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. I feel the same Sue. The blogging community is so enriching. I’m glad to be a part of it.

  2. How perfect would this house be for a 30 something just starting out. Growing up, I was always envious of my cousin who found the best little places – a refurbished chicken coop and a water-tower – so fun.

  3. No fun living alone especially by the beach in sunny California, but I would squish to live here in my dreams come true.

  4. luff luff luff it and all its window simply stunning but i would have to live alone as that is not enough room to share

  5. Hi Jenny, It’s amazing what design and development companies can do with a home. I’d like to clone this house at just a tad more space.

  6. That is such a cute beach cottage. I am not sure that more than two people at a time could be inside of it. But, I love how sweet it looks.

  7. Oh My Goodness! This is the cutest little cottage I’ve ever seen Sue! Perfect for one person, maybe two (if they really, really, liked each other). lol

  8. It is small, but oh so cute! I don’t think I would mind the size if I could live by the beach:)

  9. So absolutely adorable! They did a bang-on job and so glad to see it was done with careful attention to the cottage’s vintage history!

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