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  1. I get a kick out of how somehow I seem to find homes in areas you have visited or are near you.

  2. Oh how exciting to be shopping for pendant lights for the new kitchen. I’ve yet to find a chandelier for the front room, well, I found some, but they cost more than I want to spend.

  3. Okay, this one is awesome!

    I love the pendant lighting in the kitchen. Our task this week is to find pendant lights for Steve’s kitchen.

  4. Chatham is about an hour from us, and in fact we looked at a couple of homes there before we bought our cabin. It’s a lovely area for sure, and I can see how this house would fit right in. The grounds are stunning!

    Another great find Sue!

  5. Thanks Sarah. My husband’s idea of ideal living is surrounded by the countryside with no other houses in sight.

  6. YAY, glad you like the house. It is out in the country like where you live Crystal so I can see how well it fits into your lifestyle and idea of a dream home.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Can’t beat that curb appeal – I love it!

  8. Can I just say WOW!! I don’t see anything about this home that I don’t like other than the fact that it’s not ON my property with me living in it. It’s gorgeous and has all of the things I’d want in a home and more.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Thank you Carolann. I am a bit smitten with this unusual – to me- country home with a built in pool and so many rooms.

  10. Thanks Heather, it is nice kitchen that is not a cookie-cutter design and has loads of room for baking, cooking, and making creative messes, so I love it too.

  11. I adore the kitchen, the pool area, the screened in porch and ok the whole house lol. She’s a beauty Sue great find!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! There are so many things I could pick as a favorite. I could sit on that screened in porch for hours! But I always have a soft spot for an incredible kitchen! This is a lovely home.

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