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  1. I do love big beautiful homes for all their space and possibilities, but small cottages are my all time favorite.

  2. I was VERY surprised to see the bright, spacious interior of this adorable cottage Sue! I love it! And once again, a pretty good asking price considering the upgrades and location.

  3. This small cottage and yours are as different as night and day. I can see someone buying this and making it into a wonderful home like yours of which your beach house is one of my favorite homes.

  4. Hi Sarah, blue, pink or purple if I could. I am coming over to see your Windmill house which looks to be in the east too.

  5. I have come to be a bit fascinated with Maine and our daughter loves it too.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Absolutely adorable! And yes, paint that front door – heck bright yellow or blue, or pink! Something that will pop!

  7. Living in a small cottage, I know that you can do a lot with the interior layout. This house does not look so small inside. I know Maine winters can get brutal so I don’t know if all those windows keep the house warm, but they certainly bring in any sunshine.

  8. I love Maine. This cottage looks so much bigger than 790 sq ft inside wow. It’s adorable. Love the sofa too!

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