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  1. Live virtual traveling! Well said Barbara as I had not thought of it like that before.

  2. Barbara Coleman says:

    I love houses too! Also live virtual traveling…I got to do both today!

  3. My daughter talks about Maine a lot so it was a happy coincidence to get to featured Cris and her cottages.

  4. Wow! I love them both. I’ve always wanted to spend some time up that way. After reading and enjoying this post I know have NO REASON not to do it! Nice one Sue.

  5. Someday, you and I should be granted the keys to cute cottages like these.

  6. That’s me too Jenny! Love the name Periwinkle and the color periwinkle is one of my favorite.

  7. I love the periwinkle name period. The cottage is sweet and someplace that looks like you could really relax.

  8. What cute cottages. My favorite spot would be one of those adirondacks after returning from a kayaking adventure.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Love, Love LOVE these cottages Sue! My kind of place! All cozy & sweet!

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