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  1. No problem Allyson, I see you did find the price and links to Tiny House on Wheels. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  2. Oops, I stopped reading just before it mentioned pricing and gave the contact link. Sorry! 🙂

  3. Is this wonderful “tiny house” for sale? Where can I find more information and pricing? Thank You!

  4. Ha, I like that analogy about fifth-wheel trailers and motorhomes. If I could afford this, I’d like it in my backyard as a guest house or she shed.

  5. Wow. This is truly adorable! When I think about all of the ugly fifth-wheel trailers and motorhomes that we used to camp in. . . ugh. The old ones are kind of an eyesore, but this little Escape traveler is a pretty visitor to the beautiful landscapes you’re visiting. I love this!

  6. Thanks Candy for always leaving nice comments on my blog. Sometimes I think all I want to take care of anymore is a little itty bitty house like this, but for now I think of it as something extra to have like an RV and not to live in full-time. Loved your Seashell Tablescape today.

  7. Wow that is a lot of very well planned living space in that itty bitty house on wheels. I think even my husband might go camping if we had a big screen Blu-ray TV in the RV.

  8. Hi Heather, You have good taste. I like the ESCAPE company and think their portable tiny homes are now the best on the market.

  9. WOW!! Now this is my kind of camping LOL. Seriously, you would never know something this small can fit all of that and still look gorgeous doing it. I mean it even has a fire place! That is sovery cool.

  10. Thanks Crystal, the ESCAPE company always makes small house living look luxurious.

  11. Glamping! That is a very good description of how luxurious this little traveler is; glamping on steriods.

  12. I like this concept a lot. It’s cute and better looking to me than a standard camper. I like how they take advantage of all of the room in this house.

  13. wow that little RV really packs a punch! I love the design and how it was decorated. I can totally get into glamping (camping with glamour) in this baby!

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