Craftsman Kitchens

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Craftsman kitchens often have extensive woodwork and attention to detail and are usually within a Craftsman’s house.  Today I wanted to show some beautiful Craftsman kitchens for you to enjoy.

7 Craftsman Kitchens

Craftsman Kitchens - is by Max Fulbright Designs and is from their house design called Camp Stone. Has a very warm feeling - Housekaboodle

This craftsman kitchen is by Max Fulbright Designs and is from their house design called Camp Stone and it makes me feel all warm and homey.  Ohhh Lucy….I’m home.

1907 Airplane Bungalow  kitchen by Portland design-build Craftsman Design and Renovation - Housekaboodle
The above Craftsman kitchen is from a 1907 Airplane Bungalow designed by Portland design-build Craftsman Design and Renovation.  Airplane Bungalows are quite common in the Portland area.  I have a post about Airplane Bungalows that you should check out if you are not familiar with what exactly an Airplane Bungalow house looks like.
Housekaboodle -Marvin Windows traditional kitchen with lantern, chandalier and table in contrasting black and black knobs. Note Marvin doors with contrasting black hardware
A traditional craftsman kitchen here by Marvin Windows and Doors with lantern, chandelier, and table in contrasting black along with black cabinet drawer pulls and knobs, and Marvin doors with contrasting black hardware.
Housekaboodle -Kitchen by Carolina Design Associates has popular color on the walls. Island counter is Calcutta gold marble. Lantern shape gives a nod to the windows
This Craftsman kitchen, by Carolina Design Associates, has a current popular color on the walls that grabbed my attention.  The paint is like the Benjamin Moore Bear Creek color.  The island counter is Calcutta gold marble.  The lanterns above the island are a great match to the windows in the upper cabinets and the two square windows above the sink.
Housekaboodle -By Marielle of Illinois - The green cabinet breaks up all the wood. Built-in seating is delightful
A traditional Craftsman kitchen by Marielle of Illinois.  What I like is the green cabinet and how it breaks up all the wood colors, and I am delighted by the built-in seating area.
Housekaboodle -Gathering Place traditional kitchen with woven Seagrass that brightens it up and lends a coastal feel.
The chairs immediately make this kitchen elegant and offers a much more comfortable option than usually presented around Craftsman kitchens islands.  The chairs are woven Seagrass and bring coastal texture, but even if you don’t live in a coastal area, they are subtle enough to work in any kitchen setting like this one.  This Craftsman kitchen design is by Structures, Inc., Birmingham General contractor.  Again this kitchen has the clay-colored paint on the walls that I am starting to like so much.  
Housekaboodle -Craftsman kitchen  in a waterfront Craftsman Home is the Architects own design. Adore all the storage in the island. Check out the restaurant style seating
This is a Craftsman kitchen from one of my past posts called Waterfront Craftsman Home and is an Architect’s own design.  The booth area is a favorite with the matching drop-down light above the booth table.  
Housekaboodle -Craftsman kitchen has fabulous storage and design
More of the same Craftsman kitchen showing a different view.  There is so much room here that I take my time to look around and take it all in.  The island is large with wonderful drawers for storage.  This Craftsman kitchen takes the blue ribbon award today.  
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