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  1. True true so true- LOL, or how about the icky green and I recall a brown refrigerator too.

  2. Love those boomerang pulls too! I think I would stay away from colored expensive appliances. I still remember the dreaded Harvest Gold…

  3. You got me thinking about this again. My parents had white steel cabinets with steel handle hardware in one of their homes.

  4. Those steel cabinets are a blast from the past for me. We had the wooden cabinets w/tongue&groove fronts while my best friend had the steel. I was always jealous – thought they were pretty cool.

  5. To funny on Kristie Alley’s kitchen I know. Did you ever see her home where she keeps Lemurs and has little storybook doors to rooms? I am kind of obsessed with the UP real-life movie house.

  6. Whow, Kirstie Alley’s kitchen looks like it belongs in a dollhouse. I do like that “Up” movie kitchen, though.

  7. I know what you mean. It is hard enough to coordinate decorating. A retro color I like I should update and show here is red.

  8. The retro kitchens are so fun- I love the style of the appliances, but probably wouldn’t want the pastel colors. I like to change things up too much to be stuck with colorful appliances, though they are fun to look at.

  9. LOL – a little busy is right. I can’t look at that one too long, but it is authentic 50s style.

  10. I love the ad with the woman in a suit. Yea, that’s how I do my dishes EVERY DAY!!! All of these retro kitchens remind me of both of my grandmother’s homes – the only thing missing is the knotty pine 🙂

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