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Celebrity Robert Redford Lived in this Malibu Beach House

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Robert Redford Used To Live Here

Robert Redford used to live in this Malibu beach house for sale.  It has been updated since Robert Redford lived and sold the property.  It’s a gem of a location to live in only few of us have an opportunity to consider.  Clean lines, no fuss care of extensive ornate woodwork, easy to slide in today’s sofa styles and decorate in popular white and black are some reasons to like this modern contemporary house.  Add the fact it’s on the beach and I’ll take it to go.

The house has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, is 5,329 square feet, and was built in 1948.  It was last sold for $11.7 million and the current asking price is $15 million.  Stone floors, rich wood cabinetry, and walls of windows.

Celebrity Robert Redford Lived in this Malibu Beach HouseFirst a bit about Robert Redford: I’ve been a fan of Robert Redford since The Way We Were.  That movie changed me for life after I saw it.  I compare my reaction to The Way We Were movie to today’s phenomenal fans of the Twilight series movies.

A-frame house and Robert Redford by photographer John Dominis

Blast From The Past: Robert Redford’s three-story A-frame house that he and his then wife Lola built in snowy Utah back when he was young and they were married.  This photo is by LIFE photographer John Dominis who in 1969 spent some time with the up and coming Star.  The caption for this photo is: Robert Redford and daughter Shauna, Utah, 1969  


Robert Redford sells Malibu CA beach house 2001

Malibu Beach House Before: In an EW.com post from 2001 they report “Robert Redford sold his contemporary beach house.” “Robert Redfords permanent residence sits on 5,000 acres in Utah that is next to his ski area and Sundance Institute.”

Malibu Beach House Present:  Celebrity Robert Redford has a net worth of 170 million. Here is a bit more on the Malibu beach house he used to live in that is for sale on Zillow.  The house has been “extensively remodeled and designed.”

Malibu beach houseThe real estate details state this beach house is in a “privileged lifestyle on ultra-exclusive Broad Beach.”

Beach house interior

The living areas all open to patios.


Listing details include a master bedroom with fireplace, balcony, and spa bath.

Deck with ocean viewsOh but this is a marvelously furnished deck with unsurpassed views.

ocean view from beach houseShort walk to the “pristine sand on the ocean’s edge.

Given the choice between living on the beach and living in snow country where Robert Redford reportedly currently lives, I pick the beach.  How about you?

Visit Zillow to see the kitchen, bathrooms, more interior rooms, and the private beach.

Steve Martin Villa Au SoleilAnother Celebrity beach house you will love is Steve Martin’s St. Barth Mansion

and you will love seeing Robert Redford’s House in Napa Valley he is selling.

Robert Redford's house in Napa Valley for sale is a serene retreat


Sources: Celebrity Net Worth

EW, Life, and Zillow, as above.

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  1. Well Howdy Jenny Lynn. I am so glad to hear from you and to hear you also like Redford movies. I too can’t believe the kids are back in school already.

  2. I so do remember watching Robert Redford in many different movies and being in love! LOL…Can’t believe that summer has come to an end already. It by really fast. There were still so many different things our family wanted to do. Since I didn’t make it to the beach, I will just admire Robert Redford’s gorgeous home. You have a Beachy Weekend!

  3. Oh my! The Malibu beach house with the gorgeous view…I’ll pick that anytime:) Butch Cassidy my all time favorite! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and for visiting me. Have a great weekend!

  4. I love the glass enclosed (?) life size terrarium on the back deck (let me look again)… oh no, it’s NOT a terrarium, it’s a glass walled seating area! I love it. And him, of course. Who doesn’t.

  5. Oh gosh yes! Butch Cassidy also holds a very special place in my heart. The threesome of Katherine, Robert, and Paul is filled with magnetism.

  6. um yeah – with you there Sue! Beach over snow ANY DAY!!! Cool house!

  7. My Robert Redford love goes back even further – Barefoot in the Park with Jane Fonda although The Way We Were will always be a favorite.

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