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  1. Well Howdy Jenny Lynn. I am so glad to hear from you and to hear you also like Redford movies. I too can’t believe the kids are back in school already.

  2. I so do remember watching Robert Redford in many different movies and being in love! LOL…Can’t believe that summer has come to an end already. It by really fast. There were still so many different things our family wanted to do. Since I didn’t make it to the beach, I will just admire Robert Redford’s gorgeous home. You have a Beachy Weekend!

  3. Nice to meet you again Poppy and neat you like Butch Cassidy too. I enjoyed your makeover especially the mirror.

  4. Oh my! The Malibu beach house with the gorgeous view…I’ll pick that anytime:) Butch Cassidy my all time favorite! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and for visiting me. Have a great weekend!

  5. I am daydreaming we are all sitting on the deck and enjoying the views.

  6. I love the glass enclosed (?) life size terrarium on the back deck (let me look again)… oh no, it’s NOT a terrarium, it’s a glass walled seating area! I love it. And him, of course. Who doesn’t.

  7. I do remember Barefoot In The Park with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

  8. Oh gosh yes! Butch Cassidy also holds a very special place in my heart. The threesome of Katherine, Robert, and Paul is filled with magnetism.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    um yeah – with you there Sue! Beach over snow ANY DAY!!! Cool house!

  10. My Robert Redford love goes back even further – Barefoot in the Park with Jane Fonda although The Way We Were will always be a favorite.

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