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  1. I can’t wait to see Favorite places of Napa of course and I bet everyone will love it.

  2. That gives me an idea – next time I visit Napa I’ll take lots of pics and do a favorite places of Napa post! I’ll be sure to include my friends Victorian and my cousin’s gorgeous garden!

  3. This is so cool Cyndi that you have seen this purple Napa Victorian!! Your friends home sounds doubly delightful with a carriage house in the back.

  4. Good find! I’ve passed this house many times, and it is pretty noticeable. One of my best friends that lives in Napa has owned a Victorian for over 35 years – it’s really neat and It has a cute little carriage house in back which she rents out.

  5. Your welcome Anj and I’m so pleased and interested to know you like this style.

  6. I’m not a fan of purple. But oh did I fall in love with some of the beauties in this house starting with the lion knocker, fainting couch, what I think is a claw foot tub the fixtures the stove. I could so go on lol thanks so much for sharing Sue.

  7. Come to think of it, my daughter likes purple too. I read this is a highly recognizable house in the area. Hard to forget a purple house.

  8. This is quite the house. I know my daughter would LOVE this house with her strong passion for purple and pink.

  9. I think I’d need lessons on how to cook with the great refurbished oven.

  10. There was a mention of a carriage house too, not sure what that meant.

  11. What a darling house this is. I love the Monet for sure. I would love to do something like that. That stove wow! Love it! Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  12. I love Victorian houses! This one is a bit over the top but its do able. I think I could spend all day in the gazebo!

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