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Pretty Purple Victorian Painted Lady

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Pretty Purple Painted Lady in Napa, California is a Victorian blast from the past. Plus, it’s purple and as such is well-known in the Napa area.  A bit pricey, but it’s Napa, so $1,275,000 please. 

Fun Coldwell Banker details suggest this Victorian Painted Lady is a trip to the past. Entrance has pink iron gate. Then stroll past the blooming country garden and knock on a pink door with original leaded glass. Once you enter if you’re swooning at all the beauty there’s a fainting room and couch to fall upon.

Window to spy on the neighbors without being seen, and a vintage black dial corded phone.  Add to that, ornate etched windows and blingy chandeliers and we’ve got Victorian Painted Lady heaven.

Pour a cup of tea, lift your pinky finger and take the tour.

Pretty Painted Victorian Painted LadyI’m happy right here with the exterior.

Original leaded glass front doorOriginal leaded glass front door on this one-of-a-kind home. Not so many doors have mail slots anymore or lion knockers for that matter.

1526 3rd St Napa CA for saleParlor because that’s what you call it when you live in a Victorian Painted Lady.

1526 3rd St Napa CA dining rmFormal dining room with darling Victorian style

Faintng couchFainting couch for the faint of heart.

Kitchen 1526 3rd St Napa, CA Coldwell BankerAmazing window above the sink. The faucet looks original and there are leaded glass cabinets.

Inside 1526 3rd St Napa CA - Coldwell Banker

Refurbished stove 1526 3rd St Napa CA - Coldwell BankerListing says this is a fully restored working stove after years of non-use.

Inside 1526 3rd St Napa CA - Coldwell BankerI love old phones and this one adds some fun ambience.

Downstairs bath

Relaxing Monet muralWould love to have a Monet mural anywhere in the house.  This one is in the downstairs bath.

Upstairs bath

Inside 1526 3rd St Napa CA Victorian for sale Coldwell BankerArtful window to spy through without being seen.

Bedroom 1526 3rd St Napa CA Victorian for sale - Coldwell Banker

Pink Bedroom 1526 3rd St Napa CA Victorian for sale - Coldwell Banker

Third Bedroom 1526 3rd St Napa CA Victorian for sale - Coldwell BankerThree Painted Victorian Lady decorated bedrooms.

Gazebo 1526 3rd St Napa CA Victorian for sale - Coldwell BankerTea time in the Gazebo…anytime.

Exterior 1526 3rd St Napa CA Victorian for sale - Coldwell BankerIf you like purple houses and old mixed with new updates, this should be yours. See more about it if you live in the Napa, California area on Coldwell Banker

Classic Victorian home in purple and greenHere’s another pretty Victorian Lady Accented in Purple to see and even more like the few below for starters:

Historic Victorian House

Rare Victorian

Little Victorian with White Gingerbread

Charming Historic Victorian Home

Ron Howard Connecticut Victorian Home


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  1. That gives me an idea – next time I visit Napa I’ll take lots of pics and do a favorite places of Napa post! I’ll be sure to include my friends Victorian and my cousin’s gorgeous garden!

  2. This is so cool Cyndi that you have seen this purple Napa Victorian!! Your friends home sounds doubly delightful with a carriage house in the back.

  3. Good find! I’ve passed this house many times, and it is pretty noticeable. One of my best friends that lives in Napa has owned a Victorian for over 35 years – it’s really neat and It has a cute little carriage house in back which she rents out.

  4. I’m not a fan of purple. But oh did I fall in love with some of the beauties in this house starting with the lion knocker, fainting couch, what I think is a claw foot tub the fixtures the stove. I could so go on lol thanks so much for sharing Sue.

  5. Come to think of it, my daughter likes purple too. I read this is a highly recognizable house in the area. Hard to forget a purple house.

  6. What a darling house this is. I love the Monet for sure. I would love to do something like that. That stove wow! Love it! Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  7. I love Victorian houses! This one is a bit over the top but its do able. I think I could spend all day in the gazebo!

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