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  1. Plenty of room to cook, bake, entertain and even watch the kids skate in this kitchen for sure Crystal.

  2. Wow. I love that kitchen a lot. That marble section is beautiful.

  3. I liked the Terraces a lot too. It’s so great to see possibilities.

  4. Wow ! Wow! I could sit out on that patio for days! Only in my dreams! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We can always dream right?

  5. I’d take it too in a heartbeat. Fireplace is just normal and looks small against the tall mirror I think. Thank you so much for visiting and your comment.

  6. wow its stunning although i think thats a dwarf fireplace for the size of everything else but heck i would take it if someone anyone would give it to me lol

  7. It’s a wonderful view of opulent living in the big city and so happy your enjoyed the show.


  8. That view! That everything! And they say money can’t buy you happiness…yeah right. I love this one Sue! Just stunning.

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