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For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

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Chicago’s most expensive Penthouse now is this palace of a condo on prestigious Lake Shore Drive.  Here’s a glimpse of Chicago-style opulent living.

Introduced by the listing agent as “the most magnificent Penthouse in the city. and “you’ve never see anything like this/” So we have to see it too.

It’s a big boy with 5 bedrooms, 5.1 baths and a whopping 7,662 square feet of city living space.

I know some readers who love big city life, so this is for you and cottage country lovers, here’s a peep at the other side of town. This Penthouse in Chicago has 13 rooms and the details looks like 6 terraces, but I can’t be sure.

If you have a crazy amount of money and want to live the life of luxury this is it.

189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20

Entree Monsieur and Madam, may I take your coat and hat?  I’ll show you just a few of the many rooms.

Dining rm 189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20Look at the size of the mirror over the fireplace!

189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Penthouse in Chicago for sale

View from Chicago Penthoue for sale 189 East LAKE SHORE DrGreat views of the Chicago skyline.

Kitchen 189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20

Terrace 189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20

Bathrm 189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20

For Sale 189 East LAKE SHORE Drive ChicagoI could live the rest of my life with the color of this sofa that looks like a mix of mint green and light blue.

Terrace 189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Chicago for saleHead to Estately for more photos of this Penthouse in Chicago on the market for $15,500,000.

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For you cottage lovers, start with Red Cottage in Florida

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  1. Wow ! Wow! I could sit out on that patio for days! Only in my dreams! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We can always dream right?

  2. I’d take it too in a heartbeat. Fireplace is just normal and looks small against the tall mirror I think. Thank you so much for visiting and your comment.

  3. wow its stunning although i think thats a dwarf fireplace for the size of everything else but heck i would take it if someone anyone would give it to me lol

  4. That view! That everything! And they say money can’t buy you happiness…yeah right. I love this one Sue! Just stunning.

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