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  1. John Baar says:

    So beautiful house one day I will still have one of these.

  2. For you and me Anj, it is totally a lottery house, but to the rich it is very attainable and just one of the many beautiful home they can choose from. A girl can dream can’t she?

  3. wow this is totally an i hit the lottery home hee hee love it

  4. I could not live in a house this size. I would be frightened of all that space.

  5. You said it Jenny! I think a team of housekeepers are called for with this big boy, a few chefs, landscapers, and a tribe of maintenance men.

  6. It is a exquisite home. One that I could not live it. I would need a housekeeper to maintain it, a cook to use that kitchen and someone to care for that fabulous pool. Because there is no way I could keep it up. I love admiring it though.

  7. it is an amazing house, but I prefer older homes. I think the one you showed the other day with the gorgeous stairs, wonderful ceilings and stained glass windows is much more my style.

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