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Luxury Home Is Multi-Million Dollar Estate In Scottsdale AZ

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Luxury home for $24.5 million in Scottsdale, Arizona seems to have everything anyone would want or ever need.  My brother sent me this multi-million dollar mansion.  He said, “This is his next house” to which I replied that he would need to hire a tribe of people to maintain and clean it.

He lives near Scottsdale so I asked if he knew who lived here and is now selling. I found out and now realize this is the builder’s house.  That is when brother shared with me that his company originally cleared the land for this whole subdivision area back in 2009.

He has referred more than a few great homes to me.  These are the kinds of things that go on in the background of Housekaboodle. 

Thank you Scott for the referral.  If you see a home you think I would like, I’d love to hear from you too.

Luxury Home Is Multi-Million Dollar Estate In Scottsdale AZ
Holmby Hills Jeremy Renner house

I noticed two things while watching the luxury home virtual tour I am sharing today.  One of the kitchens they show at the video mark 1:58 through 2:07 is very similar to the kitchen photo above and below. This kitchen is from Jeremy Renner’s Mansion in Los Angeles I did a post about last year.

million dollar home with retro kitchen appliances

Then further along in the video is a retro kitchen that looks eerily the same as another million dollar home I did in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Turns out the reason this retro kitchen looks the same is because it is!  It is only as I write this and did some checking around through my files that I realized I ALREADY did this house last September.

Guess that is what happens when you have houseitis.

The video shows so much more than is manageable in a single post.  So much so that I did not recognize it.  I decided to include it as a follow-up.

Here then is The Moen Group’s $24.5 Million House – Luxury Home For Sale in Scottsdale, AZ that is the length of a football field.  It is truly an extraordinary retreat.

It boggles my mind to be able to afford an estate like this.  Then I think of the famous Spelling Mansion that sold to Heiress Petra Ecclestone for an astounding $85 million so this luxury home is a dwarf comparatively.

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