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  1. Hi Suzie and happy new year. So many cute cottages, so little time to find them – LOL

  2. You’ve been to England and seen thatched roof houses in person? – You’re amazing.

  3. Ok o my that is so super cute! I would love love love to stay there.

  4. I just adored all the thatched roof houses when we visited England. I’d stay here in a heartbeat!

  5. Of all the cottages you’ve featured, this one has to be one of my favs. It’s truly magical, and ever square nice screams romance.

    I would absolutely visit England just to stay there. Clicking over to the link now.

    (Glad to see you’re back!)

  6. Sharing charming homes like this cottage are a favorite of mine and I am happy you think it is as magical as I do Carolann.

  7. What an adorable and enchanting cottage! I love everything about it. It really does look like a faerie home from its roof all the way to the grounds. Beautiful and magical are the perfect words to describe this home. Thanks for sharing this one Sue. I’m enchanted with it!

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