Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

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Gray Paint Colors With Wood Trim

Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim: Next week I am taking time off for Easter, family and projects around the house. One of the projects is painting the dining room.  I am trying to decide on just the right color.  Often times this is the hardest thing to do. We have wood trim and so many of the colors I love don’t seem to look right.

For the rest of this week, I will without a doubt be going back and forth to the paint store getting samples. Husband thinks we should start with neutral gray paint colors.  To satisfy his curiosity if gray is a possibility, I set out on a quest looking for gray paint colors with wood trim photos for inspiration.

Surprisingly, the ever-popular gray in the right tone does look good with wood trim.  I found inspiration on Houzz to show you how beautiful gray paint colors with wood trim looks.

1. Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim is Sherwin Williams, Unusual Gray.

Benjamin Moore Hampshire Gray - Gray paint colors with wood trim

2. Benjamin Moore Hampshire Gray and part of their Historical Collection.  I went to my local Benjamin Moore dealer today with a list of colors in hand.  I couldn’t find this one, but may go back to search again.

Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray - Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

3. Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray was another color I didn’t find today.

Sherwin Williams Backdrop - Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

4. Here is Sherwin Williams Backdrop. The wood trim color is Sherwin Williams Mountain Ash. A trip to a Sherwin Williams store is on my to-do list.

Benjamin Moore Misted Green - Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

5. I did find Benjamin Moore Misted Green.  Holding up the color card next to our wood looks great.  I can’t wait to try the color sample on our walls and look at it in different light throughout the day.  Like its name, it has a slight tint of green.

Gray paint colors with wood trim
Photo by HomeTech Renovations, Inc.
Photo by JMS Atelier

The two above photos have unknown colors.  Gray is not the color I was originally thinking of to paint our dining room.  I know sea greens and yellows look good with wood trim and neutrals, browns, and tan.  I would dedicate myself to painting all our trim white, but want to keep my husband.

Dry Sage by Benjamin Moore - Gray Paint colors with wood trim
Photo by Neiman Taber Architects

This is Dry Sage by Benjamin Moore.

Designer Grays paint colors

I am keeping my options open and picked up one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors, Palladian Blue, seen bottom row middle.  My head is getting turned by Heavenly Blue seen first on the bottom row and Sage Tint seen last on the bottom row, suggested by House Beautiful as Designer Grays.  It’s back to the store tomorrow if the colors I picked up today don’t work out.

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue - Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

One way I found matches for gray paint colors with wood trim was by using the Sherwin Williams Chip It Tool.  Just install the app in your browser and when you find a photo with a color you like, the tool will match the color to any Sherwin Williams paint color.

What’s is your favorite go-to paint color?

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  1. Good catch Bill, The wall color is Sherwin Williams backdrop that looks brown in the sample. The more light in a room then the color looks more grey like in this photo.

  2. On picture number 4, do you have the shade of gray on the walls? Mountain Ash is the stain of the wood.

  3. Beautiful color. I told my husband we needed to do gray in our new house and he insisted on toasted coconut . . . next time I am not going to back down so easily.

  4. Gray is a tricky color but i LOVE IT, and with the wood tones you’ve shown above it’s a knock-out. Hope you post your own project photo’s!

  5. Can’t wait to see the dinning room hope you will be sharing it in the future. I love how these greys tone down the orange in the woods.

  6. I am a fan of the gray greens, they look great with the natural wood finishes. I used the Kilim beige in the living room and dining room and used the gray greens in the family room. The Palladian blue is very attractive. I would be tempted to paint the woodwork white if I used anything in the blue family.

  7. I am surprised how well some of the grays go with wood trim. I tend to paint general areas a light taupe, then add color to some of the rooms. Our dining room is a soft green. I like blues with wood trim, depending on the undertones.

  8. Until recently, I was not a fan of gray, but so many people are going with gray and I like the look in both contemporary and country decor.

    Thanks for the tip about the Sherwin Williams Chip It Tool

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