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  1. Hi Jamie, A friend of mine mentioned about the place in Colorado so I am sorry I don’t know the exact location.

  2. Jamie Tafoya says:

    Hi there, I’ve been there to the one in Colorado before when I was younger, and now no one seems to know what I’m talking about, can you please give more info on the exact location.

  3. Hi and nice to meet you. I just heard about another place like this in Colorado.

  4. My Goodness, I am surprised to know you’ve been to St.Ignace. That is pretty far up north to go. Glad you are a believer though. I am going to look up about Manitou Springs now. The list goes on about these mystery bizarre places.

  5. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Sue, there’s apparently a vortex in the strange little town of Manitou Springs here in Colorado. They made a round-about in the road on that spot.
    I’ve also been to St. Ignace a number of times but never to “the spot”. Neat stuff. I believe – there are some very odd phenomena with this old earth of ours.

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