Whimsical Pequod Tiny House Fits Family of Four

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Whimsical Pequod Tiny House

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has elevated small space living to a new level. The whimsical Pequod Tiny House was custom-built for a family of four by Architect Greg Parham.

It’s no package deal tiny house plan available to order off the shelf. Greg says: “It was very challenging to build and he is not listing the sale price as tiny house peeps will squawk at the high cost. Pequod Tiny House is a high-caliber, customized home and not cheap.”

Tiny house hunters will be interested to know the house is 26 feet long and weighs 11,500 pounds dry. It’s 8′-6″ wide and 13′-6″ tall. The large “drop axle trailer chassis” may need a master at towing to handle this little beauty. Note the whimsical yellow line wrapping around one of the portholes on the left of the french door. I love that artful detail that sets Pequod Tiny House apart from the crowd.

Pequod Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny HousesThe wavy roof line is a custom “schwoopy” shape designed by the owners of Pequod Tiny House. It looks like a mini-me of…………

The Wave House has a roof shaped like a wave and the inside captures the sound of the oceanthis unusual beach house built to capture the sound of waves you can explore later called The “Wave House. First though I think you’ll be amazed to see inside this ingenious small space living on wheels.

The Pequod Tiny House

The whimsical Pequod Tiny House

Enter off the wrap around fold down deck through the “handmade archtop French Doors.” Even the handmade arched windows in the loft area are operable.

The Pequod Tiny HouseAt the rear under the garden window is extra storage as an outdoor utility closet.

The Pequod tiny house kitchen

Pequod kitchen sink

Tiny House -The Pequod

Pequod nested dining table, bench and ottoman

Pequod is a tiny house with nested dining table, bench and ottoman

Pequod is a tiny house with custom built movable dining table, bench and ottoman Movable, stacked dining table/bench/ottoman pieces and couch.

Pequod tiny house is custom-built with integraded storage in the stairs and solid brass porthole windowsStairs with clever storage. The fun porthole windows going up the steps are solid brass antiques.

Pequod Tiny House closet and laundry area

Peqod tiny house bathroom with garden window

Pequod custom built tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Pequod tiny house loft bedroom by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Pequod tiny house loft bedroom by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses The loft bedrooms are connected by a steel catwalk with plexiglass flooring. Isn’t that a cool design idea?

Builder Greg Parham dreamed of living in a tiny house someday and being debt-free. It was out of this wish that it occurred to him he could start his own tiny house company and Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses was born. Rocky Mountain has house plans available, tiny houses for sale and other custom homes to see. If you want a custom build don’t wait too long since the wait list is out to November 2015 and October 2015 for custom plans.

I’m not ready to live in a small space, but living debt-free in your own home sounds like The American Dream come true to me.

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  1. Thanks for saying it is loaded with creative expression Tober. My head gets turned when I see unusual details in homes and this one is a reader’s favorite.

  2. Stunning! Every detail of this home is loaded with creative expression. Probably the most beautiful tiny home I have ever seen.

  3. Yeah,this family I know that lived in an RV were young with only one little one not yet in school. They were going a bit nutso and happen to find a nice house and bought it. As for this family, with the two kids, I think when the kids get older it will be harder. You’ve been through it for sure and all I can say is boy O boy is your new home the most lovely on the planet.

  4. Very cute! And big compared to our camper. 🙂 I don’t know how anyone does it long term, though. Our year in the camper involved file boxes in the cars, off season clothing in storage, and absolutely no room for hobbies. And with 2 kids- no way?!

  5. Thanks so much for visiting Maria and I will try to remember to come over on Sunday and share. The Cathedral is beautiful.

  6. Too funny Sarah and you would be “fit for a family of three”. I am not sure if the family lives here year round or not, but yes, too small for me too on a daily basis.

  7. What an interesting concept for a home! It would be a great vacation home. I would love to have you post it on Snickerdoodle Sunday Linky Party. Come join the party at 6PM Eastern time on Saturday.

  8. Debt free sounds good, but my gosh, my kids would drive me nuts if we were squished into that small space. I think I might pitch a mommy tent outside for my sanity.

  9. I don’t think I could live in a tiny house year round but this is definitely a great alternative to the motorhome. I would park it at a mountain lake. Loving all of the wood detail, especially the butcher block kitchen counters. The loft seems a lot more roomy than most!

  10. This is truly an adorable home. I like how it’s all laid out. I couldn’t handle living in a home that small, but I love them from a distance.

  11. Whimsical is the perfect word to describe this cutie! I can see this as a nice vacation spot for sure. I like the creative storage solutions the best!

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