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  1. Thank you Jo-Anne for the heads up on the garage apartment.

  2. We appreciate you covering any features you find worthy. We just finished up a fun two-story two-car garage apartment, too. It’s tangerine colored, so a bit different! I never tire of seeing all the fun things people can do with small buildings.

  3. Love the two-story garage/apartment you created. It could not be classier or more well done. If you’d like me to feature it or anything else you need, with a link back to you, I would be happy too.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring our work at Historic Shed. I wish I’d seen your post when it first came out so I could have expressed my appreciation then. For anyone interested, more of our work can be seen at

  5. Hi Terri. Your escape sounds absolutely wonderful and you have done a lot of work. I would love an escape like this. So many people are doing a little something like this nowadays with sheds. If you would like to be considered to share it on my blog send pictures and details. Thank you so much for sharing your shed story.

  6. Terri Inskip says:


    I built a shed in my backyard. Started out a tool shed on a slab, but was so nice and I started dreaming. My escape away from teenagers soon excited me. I added windows, an old front door that has a deadbolt!!!
    I soon put on t-111 siding, insulated it and dry walled it. It looks awesome. I would almost move in except for no plumbing or heat. I do have a small electric heater, but it was so expensive to use. I did just order a luggable loo toilet seat that snaps onto a 5 gallon bucket…so in a pinch, you can spend the night.
    It has a slant steel roof, so snow can slide off house from house. 10 feet tall to 8 foot tall on low side.
    If I had plumbing and hot water, I would live out there. I have cable, wireless internet and a fridge and freezer. Big long couch, microwave and make up counter and mirror and desk. It is 9 1/2 by 9 1/2
    If its over 10 feet, they make you have a permit…that’s why to size.

    I so recommend everyone having a get away..or even a guest house for your more rugged guest.
    Terri from Indiana

  7. If you build it, I will come!!!! You deserve a man cave of your own to put your antlers and ducks in. Man Cave Sheds are very popular.

  8. These cottages are awesome, miniature homes, a home away from home. Great idea!!! I need to build one as a man cave. GREAT POST!!!

  9. The Pink Shed would look nice next to your blooming pink Astible.

  10. These sheds are just the cutest! I’ll take the pink with the green trim — that always is a summery color combination.


  11. Hi Carol, thanks for such a nice comment. I can picture your shed as a Cottage Shed, beach style, in colors of yellow, red, and/or green and it would be the best Shed on the block.

  12. Love the colors and love each of the sheds.

    We have a tiny cottage and a tiny yard, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of a little shed in a corner of the yard.

  13. I want to paint everything this tone of purple-blue and green now. It has a Bahama hold on me. Thanks for visiting while your on vacation.

  14. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Some of those color combinations are so eye-catching! Love, love, love the green & purple!

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