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Celebrity Real Estate: Penn Jillette “The Slammer” House Is 2.1 Million

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Celebrity real estate news today is Magician Penn Jillette listed his candy-colored house he calls “The Slammer” for 2.1 million.  The Las Vegas house is not all warm and cozy.  More like Penn as per a YouTube video ” The house was built to be as close to what a house would be if Penn were a house.”

Realtor.com listing details the Las Vegas house as seven bedrooms with two master bedrooms included, 10 bathrooms, two kitchens, a whopping 7,932 square feet, and has a host of bells and whistles of which some are unusual.

Penn Jillette has an estimated net worth of $175 million.

I know little about Magician Penn Jillette and his partner Teller myself.  I have not seen them perform in Vegas and I never saw their Showtime series Penn & Teller: Bullshit! where they debunked theories and current topics of interest.  Just reading about them lets me know they are probably not my cup of tea.  The house exterior is cold concrete with a flat roof, so no surprise.

I am showing the Penn Jillette candy-colored “The Slammer” house today for your outrageous, bizarro, house-gawking Celebrity pleasure.

Celebrity Real Estate: Penn Jillette "The Slammer" House Is 2.1 MillionExtreme Home Alert:  Unusual aspects of “The Slammer” are Easter candy-colored concrete striped exterior.  Larger than normal stairs for Penn’s size 14 feet.  A wall devoted to serial killers – creepy-deep!  A Smoking Monkey lounge with a chimpanzee skull in it. 

BalconyMore Extreme Home:  To get to his bedroom from the kitchen you have to go outside via the balcony above…..

Theatre and musician room

There is a hidden musician room behind the home theater, but visible in the above photo……

Penn Jillette The Slammer house

The concrete exterior of the house is designed to repel and keep people from wanting to enter, and the interior has creature comforts to encourage people to stay once they have arrived. – YouTube.

Penn's The Slammer house pool

Kitchen in Penn's The Slammer house

YouTube: “The kitchen counters are high because he is 6’6″ and he does not want to stoop over a kitchen counter.”  Some of the windows are also positioned higher in the wall to accommodate his height.  There are two kitchens with one he calls My Parent’s House area that has a cozier atmosphere for when his parent’s come to visit,” but they are right next to each other, as above.


red and white bathroomBold colors reign throughout including in this red and white bathroom.  Extreme Home bathroom alert: Since Penn calls the house The Slammer, there is a toilet in one of the bathrooms that is from a prison supply company.

room Penn Jillette's The Slammer house

Not sure what this purple-pink room is used for in “The Slammer” house, but it looks like some sort of office/music room.  Jillette broadcasted his radio show from this house, perhaps that was the purpose of this purple-pink room.  The house has been featured on many television shows and in articles, and was designed by his architect friend Colin Summers.


CC: wikimedia

I did not know he was the voice announcer for Comedy Central or that he was often on the TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Other sources: Realtor.com, Celebrity Net Worth, wikipedia, and as above.

Heidelberg Street Polka Dot HouseI have no other unusual extreme house like this, but bizarro comes to mind when I think of the Stuffed Animal and Polka Dot House.

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