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  1. The outside is, like you say, such a fun color and looking at it is like a mini-vacation – thanks Michelle

  2. Wow! This is amazing. The outside orange is pretty and fun but the inside is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The tangerine is a little bright for me, but it really fits in the Florida sunshine.

  4. You think just like me with wanting it for older kids and/or my own office. Historic Shed always does a perfect job.

  5. It would be so nice to come home to this happy cottage in Florida that looks like orange juice!

  6. Oh the tangerine is magnificient! And the designer did a great job using the space. Wish I had that whole setup in my back yard for Garrett now. And post MBA… then…for me as a studio, I mean hiding place. LOL. Love it, Sue. Great post.

  7. What a darling home Sue. I just love the tangerine color! The inside is perfectly chic too. The kitchen and bathrooms are perfectly designed! I love the entire property!

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