A Dream Lake House

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A Dream Lake House

Just to dream about a lake house today.  This amazing dream lake house is the main house, but it has an adjoining carriage house and it is all custom-made or one-of-a-kind pieces.  The lake house is by Architect Dierdre Sheerr-Gross and Builder McGray & Nichols out of New London, New Hampshire.

I discovered this dreamy lake house on Houzz and the one of the photos says: “adjoining carriage house,” which means a guest house today.  Carriage houses were used to house the horse-drawn carriages and tack and were also called a coach house. – wikpedia.org   Whatever it’s called, I would like one too along with the main house. Look at that outside fireplace that is lit for the photographer.  A house completely lit up at night is beautiful.  In this house you are going to see a spiral staircase, custom woodwork, awe-inspiring front door, a wonderful cobbled stone fireplace and more.

A Dream Lake House
custom entryway
I wish there was a photo of just the entry door, and the custom woodwork throughout the house is well…keep looking.
custom woodwork ceiling
So many details to take in while looking around like the wood trim around the windows, the ceiling, and curve of the banisters.  Lots of rugs thrown about for that, at-the-lake-house feel and for the feet.  
A Dream Lake House
Hello spiral staircase and circular ceiling.  The photography does the house justice.
traditional dining room
What do you think of this traditional dining room?  Too much wood?  It’s not the cheeriest, but I like the double chandeliers.  I am thinking of who I would invite to sit in all those chairs.  Wanna come over for dinner?
photo by Carl Vemlund
Ah me, and this is the family room or great room.  Wonderful cobbled fireplace stones and design and I am speechless on the ceiling.  Is it planking?  I am glad there is not a moose or deer head above the fireplace.  
photo by Carl Vemlund
Master bedroom.  I think this is directly over the entryway.  Window design is so nice, I love it, and the door to go out onto a deck and look at the lake.  See the stairs going up?  I think they lead to the highest peak of the house.  Scroll up and look at the first picture and see if you agree.  Wonder what is in the room that leads up the stairs?
photo by Carl Vemlund
Living room is ready for after fishing relaxation.
A Dream Lake House
Lets find words.  Curb appeal, best exterior ever, beautiful large porch that looks like you are arriving at a lodge, window magic, artfulness, and dreamy lake house.  This is a great dream lake house etched in my mind for all time.  Goodbye lovely lake house!
You can see a few more photos of the dream lake house on Houzz.
Stairs are by colonial-woodworking.com
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