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  1. I notice this article is over a year old. With all my research so far it seem these green magic homes were widely talked about in 2015-16 and then everything went quiet. Wondering what happened? Would love to see some of these homes not rendered and hear from people who have actually purchased them or lived in them

  2. Glad you liked learning about Green Magic unusual houses that might be part of the norm in the future.

  3. These are pretty cool and pretty. Even the desert house! I love the plants on top too.

  4. You and your fun family would fit right in here Anj.

  5. Wonder how roomy it is inside. And i would worry about bugs as well but luff the pic with the pool you know how to get me everytime 😉

  6. They are very different that is for sure Heather. They would be great for setting up temporary housing in areas affected by bad weather and really fun for events I think.

  7. WOW so very different! I don’t know if I could live in one though lol I do see this as the future housing community !

  8. I didn’t do any research, but it seems Europe and other countries are more on the bandwagon with this kind of houseing. Thank you for thinking about the bugs too!!

  9. I am not a huge green living promoter by any means, but I appreciate the architecture and very different living style of these homes.

  10. These are interesting and probably a thing of the future in order to save our planet.

    When I was traveling by train through Norway, we saw many houses with gardens growing on the roofs. When we were actually in a town, I didn’t see any and none of my relatives has a garden on their roof, but I thought they looked so cool. My thought thous was like yours, are there more bugs because of the soil on top of the house.

  11. They are lovely Sue. I can see a future where we will all be living in environmentally friendly homes. We are slowly moving towards that future each day.

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