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Luxury Living Cape Cod HouseBoat

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Luxury Living Cape Cod HouseBoat

Luxury living on the water in a cape cod houseboat with private views on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.  It’s a floating home with all the amenities of luxury living like french doors, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, maple hardwood floors and beautiful views. 

Lake Union is famous for itself, but is also where the Sleepless In Seattle houseboat is that I featured at Houseboats in Seattle.  This one story cape cod floating home has 1184 square feet that can be remodeled into a two story, but I’d take it as-is!  It’s in Eastlake, Seattle that has the highest concentration of houseboats with a range of architectural styles like this cape cod and housestyles such as eclectic and modern.

Have you ever thought of living in a houseboat or floating home?  I think fewer of us think of this option compared to land dwelling, but it can be yours at the luxury living price of $1,100,000 which is not bad as I understand that the cost of just the water slip can be as much in this exclusive area of Seattle.

Luxury Living Cape Cod HouseBoatI found this primary color red dutch door and a white picket fence houseboat entrance a happy surprise.

Deck on cape cod houeboatI am a huge fan of houseboats with little doubt I would love living here.

Houseboat deck Ready for a little look inside.  There are two bedrooms and one bathroom and many other rooms.  I’m showing my favorites starting with the kitchen.

houseboat kitchen

Houseboat kitchen and eat-in dining

Houeboat kitchen with high end appliancesPrimary color green cabinet is in the handy off the kitchen laundry room.

Laundry room in a luxury house boat for sale

Living room of houseboat for saleCold days made just right with this fancy fireplace.

Eastlake luxury living houseboat viewsThis unique luxury living cape cod was originally listed on Cooper Jacobs Real Estate and is no longer available.

Head to Houseboats in Seattle where I shared the Top Ten reasons to live on a houseboat.  Here are a few from the list for a sneak preview:

You wake up and don’t have far to walk to go Fishing!

There’s nothing like working from your Houseboat office!

You get home and feel like you’re already on a Holiday!

Source: CooperJacobs Real Estate.

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