Owlwood Estate Was Once Home to Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis & Cher

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Owlwood Estate in Holmby Hills Ca is a Historic legend where Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Sonny & Cher once lived. It is an awe-inspiring Tuscan-style house that was on the market since 2017 starting at $180 million and recently sold for $88 million.

Iconic Owlwood Mansion in LA sold

The two photos above and below are the rear of Owlwood Estate.

Historic LA house where Sonny & Cher, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe used to live - Sold

The front of the mansion has a huge circle driveway. I like the old world welcoming style of the house with the greenery that is growing on the house and covered walkway.

Owlwood Estate in LA Sold
Historic Owlwood Mansion in LA where Sonny & Cher, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe used to live - Sold

Top Ten Real Estate reports that the Owlwood Estate interior has old-world craftsmanship, oak paneling, carved moldings, an impressive grand foyer, and spacious rooms. And that the mansion is the crown jewel of L.A.’s Holmby Hills. Click to see Celebrity Jeremy Renner’s home he built and sold that is also in Holmby Hills.

Owlwood Estate in LA Sold
OWLWOOD ESTATE 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold
OWLWOOD MANSION 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold
Inside OWLWOOD MANSION 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold
Inside the Hollywood iconic home 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold

Details from Top Ten Realestate about the house and who lived there in the past is interesting.

Completed in 1936, few Los Angeles mansions have its stature, rolling grounds, or have been the center of so much gossip.  The classic Tuscan-styled mansion was built in 1935 by Robert D. Farquhar for Florence and Charles Quinn. Florence was divorced from Arthur Letts who, in 1925, was the original owner and developer of the 3,296 acres of land on which Holmby Hills is located.  The home on four acres was the largest and most luxurious house at the time measuring in at 12,000 square feet and a cost of $150,000. Farquhar also designed Beverly Hills High School and Festival Hall for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. 

After the Quinns, the home next passed into the hands of 20th Century Fox co-founder Joseph Schenck.  Described as a 70-year-old, cigar-chomping type in the book Unreal Estate by Michael Gross, Marilyn Monroe was said to spend much time there and at only 21, it was fairly common knowledge that although Schenck was still married to his first wife, had an affair with him and ended up living in the guest house.

By the time the actor Toney Curtis was near the end of his career, he bought the home from Schenck.  Cher fell in love with the house when attending a party that Tony Curtis threw at the home and soon she and her first husband, Sonny Bono, purchased the home from Curtis. Gossip began when Cher wanted to leave Sonny but CBS threatened to cancel their TV show, the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour if one of them moved out. So they decided to inhabit separate wings. Later on, they sold the estate to playboy Ghazi Aita of Monaco

It was during Aita’s tenure when the gossip soared.  He ran a harem of starlets to such an extreme that all of Hollywood enjoyed it as cocktail chatter. He became fodder for Heidi Fleiss’ black book. Aita sold it to Ameriquest-founder Roland Arnall who added six more acres bringing the estate to 10 acres and named it Owlwood due to the number of owls on the property. It was put on the market only a few months later in 2017.

The main residence includes stately public rooms, multiple fireplaces and chandeliers, nine bedrooms, and ten baths. Grounds contain two guardhouses, a pool, pool house, fountains, fruit trees, and restored formal gardens.

Famous Holmby Hills home at 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold
OWLWOOD - 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold

The gorgeous pool house where reportedly Marilyn Monroe stayed.

OWLWOOD - 141 s Carolwood Dr LA sold
Iconic Hollywood home in Holmby Hills sold. Classic Tuscan-style home

Since Owlwood Estate has so much history I hope the new owners keep the house as it is today.

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