Pasadena Colonial

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Colonial in Pasadena, California with curb appeal.  The curve above the entrance door is a yummy eye-pleaser, but what kind of little trees are those along the walkway, anyone know?  Are they a low-growing berry or flower tree, or a topiary type?  I asked Google and the closest I can find is maybe an Iceberg Rose tree.

Colonial curb appeal
Colonial curb appeal

The charm of paver bricks always attracts and even more so when it’s a whole circle driveway.  My hubby likes paver bricks because they are maintenance-free as compared to a blacktop driveway that needs sealing.

Colonial kitchen

Great kitchen with charming cabinets.  It’s a galley kitchen but still includes a cooktop island.  I don’t always like a white kitchen, but this one has personality.  

Kitchen in Colonial

Upper cabinet doors mirror the windows and some attractive white tiles with beading above the counter-top.

white kitchen

Galley kitchen with an island and loads of storage.

Colonial upper deck

Colonial has an upper deck with wisteria.

Deck in Colonial

Opposite view upper deck.  O Wisteria, wisteria, I wish you grew where I am from in the north, you are wonderful.

deck view

View from the upper deck shows welcoming pathways in the backyard.


Lower patio.

Rear view patio colonial
gazebo alternate view

Looking at the house from the gazebo.

gazebo backyard

Creative landscaping in this backyard impresses me.

view of gazebo

This Pasadena Colonial home is from a unique site called HomeShootHome in California that lists homes available for shooting TV or Movies to production companies.  If I were shooting a movie at this house it would be a love story because of the gazebo or a murder mystery because of all the places to hide in the backyard.

So I have to ask, what kind of movie or TV show would you shoot here?   This is actually a Monterey Colonial which means two stories, porches, a hip roof, and adobe walls.  

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