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  1. There are not any houses like this here in Illinois where I live so I never get tired of featuring Spanish or Mediterranean style homes.

  2. I love the curb appeal of this home. So pretty!

  3. Thanks David, I got a kick out of that “the stove stayed” and am happy to hear you took the buffet with you.

  4. thank you, sue. i miss that house a lot but i am in a much more peaceful place…a ranch style house built in the early 90’s on nearly two acres of forested property. by the way, the stove stayed with the house but the buffet moved with me. my “spies” tell me that the house is not being very well maintained… which makes me sad. best to you, sue.

  5. I am so happy to hear from you David. I loved profiling your home and remember falling in love as soon as I laid eyes on it. Nice to hear you sold the home and are enjoying life in Oregon.

  6. this was my house that i sold last year. it was a joy to restore it. i miss this house terribly, but i had lost my job and had to leave California. thank you for profiling it and for the nice comments. i am currently enjoying life in a beautiful environment on the oregon coast….in a much less charming house.

  7. I know California is expensive, but the house prices still amaze me. I am jealous of areas that have this house style. So interesting about the Spanish style home especially in Minnesota.

  8. I love Spanish style homes – they are quite common in my little town.

    That kitchen is so cute with the checkerboard floor and the vintage stove.

    $459,000 is quite cheap for a house in that style in California. Signal Hill is not a prime location. It is near Long Beach where that same house would probably be over $1 million.

    We have friends who live on a lake in Minnesota. Oddly enough, there historic home is Spanish style. I have always wondered who built it and how they came to build Spanish style in the north.

  9. very cozy and romantic indeed thanks so much for sharing

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