POD House In A Box

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Little POD House In A Box

A frequent reader suggested this cute POD house in a box for my tiny house series. I’ll be spreading out tiny houses more in the future, but here is just one more today. This tiny house is a POD house in a box because it’s portable and you can take it with you when you move.

The company is POD Idladla, designed and manufactured out of South Africa and addresses the housing needs there. It is also what is referred to as a Nano House; a global eco-friendly living system.

What is fun, exciting and different about POD House is that several of them can be positioned together to make a larger home or village. That makes it a Big Boy Lego Home on steroids to me. POD Idladla calls it a seed house since it can grow with you size-wise and the configurations for it are “endless.”

Pod House by POD IdladlaThose of us that don’t like cleaning would love this POD House in a box. It takes 5 minutes to clean. Obviously, everything is within reach and little effort is needed to cook or do any task since it’s all right there. My brother lived in New York for a while. He said his apartment there was small like this where he could sit in the middle of it and do multiple tasks on each side.

Pod House by POD IdladlaPOD house in a box is so cute I could hug it. Of course, it’s more practical for warm climates so here in the states, a POD House is more practical in the deep south.

POD Idladla a Modular, Prefab Nano home The suggested uses for POD House are:

  • Cluster them together for different uses.
  • Residential and good starter home
  • Holiday home or Tourism
  • Remote area staff accommodations
  • Shared living village
  • Student Accommodation

For some reason, I am always concerned about the college-grad who can’t find a job or people forced to work part-time since jobs are scarce in the states. What about housing for them? This POD House in a Box by POD Idladla is a possible housing solution. Other ideas for a tiny POD house like this are a She Shed, home office or guest house.

That’s it for tiny houses for now. Thank you Carolann of Sassy Townhouse Living for finding this little POD house. If you find a home you think is a good fit for Housekaboodle, I’d love to hear from you too.

Source: See multiple house plans and more photos and ideas on POD IDLADLA

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  1. I thought how this kind of portable home can help the homeless and victims of disastrous events too. It looks like a nice little place to have a backyard guest house or home office. Seems like you’ve been blogging longer than two years to me. Happy Blogiversary!

  2. Super cute, but super small ;). Maybe a guest house? They definitely have to be all white, or they would feel really claustrophobic. I like the idea of temporary housing for natural disaster victims, and I agree that it looks like a place a young, single recent college grad would like.

  3. Sue, This would be perfect for weekend guests, just plug the pod in and enjoy your guest’s company until time to retire in the evening. I don’t know how much these little guys cost but it seems that they would be a godsend to help house the victims when disastrous events like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy hit and destroy so many homes. Just sayin….

    I hope you can stop by to visit my blog in the next day or so and leave a comment, I am celebrating my second blog anniversary with a fall table linens give-away and the winner will be announced Thursday on my August 20th tablescape post. Have a wonderful afternoon…. Candy

  4. I agree and smaller homes are such a good idea money-wise. Huge houses are not necessary cept when you have 8 kids like my parent’s did and then..it is kind of important-Big LOL

  5. Adorable! For being so small, it really does look very “homey”. Perfect for newlyweds or singles I think. This is one of the coolest tiny houses yet.

  6. We have way too many shipping containers so turning them into living space is a great idea.

    I think this upcoming generation is going to understand that huge houses are not absolutely necessary!

  7. You’re very much in the know I think Suzie since you’ve seen the POD houses before. I want to buy some land a put a bunch of them together and make a little village.

  8. Sue, I just love that little house. It’s so perfect in every way. I love the lighting it gets too. That always makes a huge impression on me. I can totally see a student or a single person living the high life in one of these! The little kitchen area is just adorable!

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