Chicago’s Harriet Rees House Moving Down the Block

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Chicago WGN news reports the Historic Harriet Rees House is moving down the block. The landmark house is moving to make way for Mayor Emanuel’s plan to build an entertainment district around McCormick Place.

The Landmark Harriet Rees House was built in 1888 and that makes her over 120 years old. She is being relocated from 2110 S Prairie Ave to one block down at 2107 S. Prairie Ave. Prairie Avenue used to be an affluent residential area where neighbors were the likes of Marshall Field.

According to reports on WGN: “The cost of the move is 56 million dollars! Per Historian Bill Tyre who has written about the house, it is important to preserve the Rees house since Chicago lost almost 90 mansions on Prairie Ave and only 7 remain today including the Harriet Rees House.”

Chicago's Harriet Rees House Moving Down the BlockHere she is packed up and starting the one block trip to her new address.

Chicago's Historic Reese House

Spot where Harriet F. Rees House was moved fromThis is the spot where the house stood for 120 years.

Historic Harriet F. Rees House moving down the blockThe Harriet Rees House as it glides down the street. I think the house put on quite the show as residents looked out their windows.

Reese house wrapped up and parked at new addressThis is the spot where the house will now stand. WGN reports the owner’s son Anthony calls this “Chicago style parallel parking.” Anthony said “The house is completely remodeled. It has all the original wood and has 9 gorgeous fireplaces. The house still has a Historic feel with big pocket doors.”

“Remote control is used to back the 762-ton mansion into its spot. They are going to “back it in, jack it down, and it will even have a full basement.”

Harriet F. Rees House Chicago, ILHere’s a look at the Harriet Rees House before it was moved down the block.

I’ve seen houses being moved before, but not a tall mansion like this Rees House. The moving company did an amazing job and a landmark mansion has been saved for future generations to appreciate.

Photos: WGN News screenshot.

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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of moving houses. It just seems so unbelievably difficult!

    I appreciate the facade of this lovely home, and I’m sure the inside, now that it’s renovated, is equally as beautiful.

  2. I know, makes me think how well built it must be too. Plus, they have it all boxed up and braced. Incredible what house movers do these days.

  3. Wow that’s amazing!That mansion had to be built really good!! to withstand the move down the Street and not fall apart, being that old. Interesting

  4. Incredible! It’s too bad the house could not be kept in situ, but at least they were able to save it from the wrecking ball.

  5. That is interesting that they moved this huge house. I love the details on the front of this house. I bet inside of the house is even more beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this bit of history with us.

  6. wow it is a beauty but wow the expense to move it is insane i do love that they are able to move it and therefore save it for generations to come thats awesome

  7. I love historic houses big-time. We have so many around here as well. The only problem with them is every time they go to make improvements, they have to deal with tons of permits. I just adore the way the make the town look and feel, and that one is a sure beauty!

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