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  1. Hi, glad to hear from you Susan and agree about Jean Harlow.

  2. Susan - Designs of Home says:

    Wow ! If walls could talk ! I imagine some of these movie star homes, have seen and heard all kinds of things. I know the name of Jean Harlow and I agree, as famous as she still is, today, I would have never known that she had such a short life. Sad.

  3. wow it is super cute and i could do some amazing stuff with it like its bones hee hee if nots its price

  4. I have to contact you in the future when I do this area. So happy to know that this is a steal and want to update the post.

  5. For Jean Harlow dying so young she sure left quite a legacy.

  6. For the area, $775,00 is a steal. There isn’t much in the area that isn’t in the millions.

    My husband pointed out a “sale” on a home owned by Pete Sampras and his wife Bridget. It has a house, guest house, tennis court (obviously), pool, etc. in Lake Sherwood for $19 million plus.

    Hollywood types, pro athletes, etc. drive our California home prices off the charts.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    How adorable – I love this cottage inside and out! I had no idea Jean Harlow died at the age of 26!

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