Rustic Cottage Built in 1925 is Part of Jean Harlow’s Estate

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Rustic cottage built in 1925 is part of the Jean Harlow estate.  It is Jean Harlow’s original stableman’s house.

Newly on the market, the cottage may hearken to the artistic or restoration lover. The cottage already has mature landscaping for the front gardens and back patio.  The kitchen is 50’s retro in white.  A river stone fireplace, plank wood floors, and plenty of windows for light.

The rustic cottage is gated and walled off with one of the largest front lots on the block in Beverly Hills, CA at 9845 Easton Drive.  

The listing states “buyer will do all repairs, termite, and retrofit work.” By the looks of the cottage, any renovation will be worth the effort.

Jean Harlow was a blonde bombshell sex symbol of the 1930s.  Highly successful at a young age, she starred in movies with Spencer Tracey and in six films with Clark Cable to mention a few of her famous co-stars.

Rustic Cottage Built in 1925 is Part of Jean Harlow's Estate

The main house of this charming rustic cottage had a Hollywood tragedy happen at it.  Two months after Jean Harlow married film director, screenwriter, and MGM producer Paul Bern, he was found dead from a gunshot to the head in the main house.  The coroner labeled it a suicide.  There was even a suicide note left that read as follows:

“Dearest Dear,
Unfortunately this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong I have done you and to wipe out my abject humiliation, I Love you.
You understand that last night was only a comedy”  

The butler found Paul Bern’s body and called the MGM studio first before the police. The MGM boss, Irving Thaiberg, spent a few hours at the house and scene of the suicide before authorities were called.  

Rumors began to fly that it was not a suicide.  An unstable ex of Bern’s jumped off a boat and drowned a few days after his death and this was one of the suspicious rumors of the day.  As in even today’s scenes, Hollywood maybe thought suicide was better for Jean Harlow’s career.  She never spoke of the incident other than when in court she stated she “knew nothing.”

Sadly, Jean Harlow died at the young age of 26 of renal failure.

9845 Easton Dr Beverly Hills, CA

The rustic cottage built in 1925 has a fab mid-century look.  Three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and 1,366 square feet.  A 2 car garage and parking for 5.  Sold in AS-IS condition at a pricey $775,000 price tag.  But a reader let me know that in this area, “$775,000 is a steal.”  Furthermore, the reader chimed in that “Hollywood types, pro athletes, etc. drive the areas California home prices off the charts” into the double-digit millions.

Mid-century cottage
Jean Harlow Bevery Hills cottage Dining rm

Love the rustic cottage interior slanted roofline and open rafters that remind me of my parent’s home I grew up in.  A homeowner can do so much with this layout.  I would definitely keep the 3/4 wall between the dining room and kitchen.  

I remember my parents filled up tall fancy empty liquor bottles with colored water that was pretty especially when the sun was shining on them.

Jean Harlow estate cottage kitchen
Jean Harlow Estate rustic cottage 50's kitchen

If the retro oven is good it’s a keeper.  Check out those upper sliding kitchen cabinet doors.  I’ve seen slider kitchen cabinets like this by Ikea, so what goes around comes around.

Jean Harlow estate cottge bedroom

Great rustic fireplace and who doesn’t want a fireplace in their bedroom.  Not sure I would light it if I had one, but it looks good.

Jean Harlow Estate patio

Last for this little rustic cottage is the patio that needs work, but boy is it nice the way it is tucked down and under.

Jean Harlow’s former Carriage House and staff quarters is also available here.

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