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  1. Anything?…….of the four I would pick Adam’s new house. Lotto-wise…I am in a house on a lake where husband can be happy fishing.

  2. Yea- if you could have ANYTHING would you choose Usher’s home? This is so big box suburbia.

  3. Hi Sharon and thank you for the visit. I am coming over to visit you now.

  4. I am so Happy you are a Voice fan too Jenny. Welcome to my world.

  5. Okay, I am such a big fan of The Voice!
    I was excited to see you show the judges homes. The homes don’t disappoint at all. I like Adams home best or at least so far. 🙂

  6. Adam Levine…check
    Usher… boring
    Blake…good for you that it hasn’t been published- yet.
    Shakira… wow
    Most other people… just want shelter.

  7. Where they all grew up is such a good idea. Thanks Sarah.

  8. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Such huge, beautiful homes for folks who I think all came from humble beginnings. It would be neat to see where these 4 grew up!

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