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Antique Table Gets A Paint Makeover in Beautiful Poetic Blue

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I am excited to show you my antique table that got a paint makeover in beautiful Poetic Blue.

I have wanted to paint my antique table for a long time and am excited to be a part of The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest. This is my first time to be part of such a fun event.

This month’s contest is sponsored by Pure & Original Paints.  In exchange for this post, I was given two free quarts of Pure & Original Classico paint. All of the opinions and experiences are my own. This post does contain an affiliate link which means if you click on the link I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

The Theme for this month is Pure Colors, Original Elegance.  I have never heard of or used Pure & Original paint before. It is a luxury paint imported from the Netherlands. The paint is made from minerals, chalk, and water.

Antique Table Gets A Paint Makeover in Beautiful Poetic Blue 3

My old telephone table before- Antique Table Gets A Paint Makeover in Beautiful Poetic BlueHere is the Before photo of the antique table I painted. This table has seen a lot of life. It was originally black. I remember my Mom sanding it down to how it looks above. I have a lot of fond memories growing up with this table that is actually a telephone table. The open space area is where telephone books were stored and the top of the little table is where the phone sat.

I remember:

Mom would twirl herself up in the long phone cord, laughing while talking to her Mom and Dad.

My Dad made many calls from this table announcing the birth of my many siblings….  It’s another girl.

I memorized my friend’s phone number and proudly dialed her number myself feeling grown up.

I got my first call from a boy in school.

Now is time for a new look with a beautiful blue and gray.

Silver Like and Poetic Blue Paint 2

Poetic Blue Paint by Pure and Original Paint 4

I picked out Poetic Blue and Silver Like to transform my antique telephone table and take it from yesterday’s look to today’s to-die-for blues that are so popular like coastal blues and mint green-blues.

This poetic blue just so happens to match our newly painted walls of Palladian Blue perfectly.

Antique table painted poetic blue by Pure and Original- Antique Table Gets A Paint Makeover in Beautiful Poetic BlueI sanded the top of the antique table that had some wear and tear and a circle stain. Then I gave the table three coats and I have to say the coverage is great.

Drying time in-between coats was fast. I was able to take my time and complete the coats in two days.

I did distress the legs a little by using a rag and wiping the paint off in the knob areas, but truthfully I decided I did not care if the table was distressed or not. All I cared about was drenching the antique table in as much of this beautiful blue color as I could like a tall glass of iced tea in the summer.  The more beautiful Poetic blue the better is how it went for me and telephone table.

Antique table gets new life painted Poetic Blue and Silver Like. This is an old telephone table In honor that this is an antique telephone table, I dug out a really old rotary dial phone to show you how nice phones looked and were used, back in the days of corded phones.

Telephone table with old phone is an antique table now painted in beautiful blue

Antique table is a Telephone table repainted a beautiful blue The phone company used to have special decorative phones they sold at a hefty price.  If you wanted to pretend you were elegant and all that, this phone was the one to have darling.

Pure and Original paint colors of poetic blue and Silver Like makeover of this antique table One of the most fun phones to have back in the 80s was this Mickey Mouse phone. The kids used to beg to have the Mickey Mouse phone in their room. Today I love it for a fun novelty conversation piece.

Psst! It is the lighting in my hallway vs the lighting down stairs that make the blues in the photos look different. The photo below shows the true poetic blue paint color.

Before and After Renew an Antique table by painting with Pure & Original paints - this is Poetic BlueI now have a crush on my new table in Poetic Blue.

Before and After Renew an Antique table by repainting it a beautiful poetic blue by Pure & Original Classico Paints Today this table can be anything at all that I need it to be. It is just the right size to move around and be handy. Now that it is a beautiful blue I want it out front and center for everyone to see and hey, it can still be a telephone table with plenty of room for cell phones.  In fact, this would make a great charging table for my families cell phones.

Make sure to visit the hosts below to see more entries for this contest:

Carrie at thirtyeighthstreet.com Fab Furniture Flippin and

Stacy at anastasiavintage.com

The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest

If you’re interested in participating in future contests, please contact info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com

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If you want to restore a masterpiece of your own, click Pure & Original to order some paint today!

Thank you for making Housekaboodle part of your day.

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  1. Seriously in love with how good this turned out! i’m always so nervous about painting furniture that I love. This gives me hope!

  2. Hi Betsy, I enjoyed reading your memories and I have many of the same kind of precious memories too. As a matter of fact, this table was originally black and my Mom sanded it down some many years later. Now it is mine and it really took a lot of courage, like you say, to paint it, but I am happy I did to fit in into my own home decor now. Have a nice weekend.

  3. What caught my interest was not only the lovely blue paint but the table it self. I have my Grandmother’s telephone table and chair. My grandmother was born in 1899 & I loved her dearly. Her table is very similar in design and is painted black. I am 65 and it has always been black. There was an old black phone on top that looks very similar to the one in your first picture. The space below not only held the phone book but many other items like various pens or pencils, pads of paper or notebooks. It seemed to always be crammed with “stuff”. My Grandmother’s table was in the hallway that ran through the center of her very big farm house. The chair did not go under the table like a desk chair would but rather was placed beside the table and many an hour were spent sitting there yapping on the phone.
    Your article & photos brought back many memories of my childhood at my Grandmother’s house.
    Thank you very, very much. Maybe now I will get up the courage to actually paint her old table and chair, yours came out beautifully!!!

  4. I’m excited about how good it looks! I have a dresser, file cabinet, and desk that I want to repaint, but haven’t wanted to make a mistake and ruin the bones. How long ago did you do this? I would love to know how the pain holds up over time.

  5. I love your Mickey Mouse phone which reminds me of the childhood time. I love the blue poetic blue because it makes the table brighter and more elegant. The smooth of the painting surface is so great. Your antique table is amazing.

  6. Gorgeous. It looks attractive, shimmering, splendid, fresh and beautiful. Oh I am very very very like it. I also want to own it. It is amazing when I read this useful information. Love you so much.

  7. Just like new. I love the color. So sweet! I wish I have one of it in my home.

  8. Now you have me sad that we disconnected our landline due to the cost, but I so agree about the special ring of a “real phone.”

  9. Thank you Anj – I had a great experience doing this table and digging up memories to stage the phones so thank you for noticing.

  10. Oh Sue you did such a great job on this table. The staging with all the different phones is wonderful. Really love how this table got its new look.

  11. I absolutely love the lines of this cute table and oh what a lovely color you chose.

    I have an old table in storage and I’m thinking it might need to do a makeover.

  12. Don’t you just love the Poetic Blue Sue? I used it in my project as well. Your little phone table is just darling, and I still use an old rotary phone on my desk. There is just something so nostalgic about that old timey ring that I adore.

  13. Thank you x100 Carolann, I am loving the encouragement from everyone and am tickled people like the little story I included about my little antique telephone table.

  14. I just love what you did with this table, Sue! The color is so beautiful and that mickey phone is just the best! It was really nice hearing the backstory too. I love furniture that was handed down from loved ones. It really gives the piece a loving memory that is passed down from loved one to loved one. Great job Sue!

  15. Thank you Heather, thank you very much. It was my first project and I loved the paint quality and colors I picked. Did you have this kind of Mickey Mouse phone too, just wondering.

  16. Great story! I enjoyed reading it while checking out the transformation. Glad to see the little table will be kept and loved for awhile longer.

  17. Love the way this table came out. The color is stunning and you’re right it matches the walls perfectly. I had a mickey phone when I was young. Boy I loved that thing. I am super impressed that you still have all of those beauties! If furniture could talk, I’m sure the table would have many tales to tell. Great project Sue!

  18. Sue this turned out so nice. I am in love with that color and the history of the table in your family. I remember twirling myself into the cord or a phone. Nice job.

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