Stainless Steel Appliances – The Best Choice

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Stainless Steel appliances look extremely good in a kitchen whether paired with wood or white kitchen cabinets.  While the same holds true for colored appliances, it is much easier to coordinate your kitchen with stainless steel that goes with any decor.

I would argue that stainless steel appliances in the best choice for a beautiful kitchen or laundry room.  Over time color trends change. When it’s time to redecorate such as paint your walls, change countertops, or flooring in the kitchen or laundry room, stainless steel appliances will not need to be replaced. Paired with any other surface like cooper for example stainless steel again is the perfect choice.  You cannot lose.  No wonder it is so popular.

All the design type shows, flip my house, and home buying shows on HGTV feature stainless steel appliances as the best “well equipped” deal or no deal breaker.  A buyer of a home wants what they want so if your trying to sell your home think about updating to stainless steel appliances.

Stainless Steel Appliances - The Best Choice

Presented here for its flashy shine, this is a GE Profile Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, microwave, and double wall oven.  They look great with white kitchen cabinets and dark wood island.  The shine on stainless steel appliances can be kept clean with an array of products.  Windex is highly recommended, magic eraser by Mr. Clean for stubborn spots, or homemade ingredients of baking soda and distilled water as recommended per ehow are solutions.

Stainless steel appliances white kitchen
Great kitchen/laundry room combination with stainless steel appliances.
clarke corp stainless steel appliances
Stainless steel wolf range, hood, and convection oven.
Stainless steel refrig and double oven
Beautiful balancing act use of space placing the stainless steel refrigerator and double oven on each side of the kitchen.  I love these warm coffee toned wood kitchen cabinets and dramatic black chairs.
Whirlpool contemporary kitchen


Whirlpool has thrown a monkey wrench into the stainless steel trend.  Last year The Wall Street Journal reported that stainless steel is still number 1, but Whirlpool introduced their their Ice Collection that comes in white or black.  “Whirlpool says White is the new stainless.”  “Black is the new stainless steel” for ovens, says Wolf Appliances.

White kitchen cabinets are so popular that the Ice Collection will do well. Stainless steel’s ability to blend with any kitchen cabinet and kitchen design keeps it current, at least today it does until the next big trend arrives.  But what do you think?  Is the Stainless Steel craze over?

Now what was that color of white paint I need to buy to match with the white Ice Collection?

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