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  1. I know! It is the coolest playland I have ever seen.

  2. This is such an amazing tree house. I would enjoy it as much as my children would. I could see relaxing or hanging out with the children. I want one!

  3. OMGness is right Cheryl! Now, when I am a grandparent someday, I want to make the kiddles a playland like this.

  4. Is it fabulous? Yes. Is it amazing? Yes. Better question- Can I live there? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree Carol, so many good memories for kids in a tree house like this.

  6. This is cool that you already saw the tree house and I bet the kids loved it.

  7. Oh, how much fun that would be. I would have read and played with my dolls for hours in that tree house for hours every day.

  8. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I saw this too on Houzz and pinned a bunch of pictures to show my kids. This tree house is so enchanting, it takes me breath away! AC in a tree house? All they need is plumbing and it could be a great guest house now that the kiddos are all grown up!

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