Tree House For Kids Is Most Incredible Tree House Ever

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Incredible Tree House For Kids

Prepare to be enchanted as best you can because this is the most incredible kids tree house you will ever see!  Luckily, Sarah Greenman, Houzz contributor extraordinaire, let me share with you about her Most Incredible Tree House Ever.

This magical playland with multiple decks should be the template for kid tree house builders.  It was crafted by James Curvan for Steve and Jeri Wakefield for their grandsons in their Dallas backyard.  As their grandsons grew they added upgrades like a rope ladder, climbing wall, and suspension bridge.  Now, their grandchildren are grown and they invite kids from around the neighborhood to play in this enchanting tree house to play king or queen for the day.  I want to be a kid again and live in the neighborhood.  The Wakefield’s have lovingly decorated the tree house, so let’s climb the stairs and take a look.

Tree House For Kids Is Most Incredible Tree House Ever

This tree house is like a magic kingdom.  I love to see kids having fun and imagine loads of happy tikes having the greatest time here.  Since Easter just passed I envision the best Easter Egg Hunt in the neighborhood with all the tiny nooks to hide treats.  No renting out bouncing equipment for a birthday party would be necessary either if you had this in your back yard.

Inside of incredible tree house by Sarah Greenman

Per Sarah Greenman’s article, the main floor is a mini-me house with a kitchen, fireplace, seating, storage and place to sleep.  The furniture and decorating are from the Wakefields loving efforts over the years.  I spy a rainbow stained glass window, table and chairs, cute curtain, and the floor is Pergo laminate folks!

Tree house window by Sarah Greenman - Houzz

A close up of the front window that Jeri Wakefield found at a consignment store and the perfect window support is creatively repurposed from a Victorian bed frame.

Tree house front door

The front door is from an old church organ.

Front door foyer

A cute telephone for playing hangs on a wallpapered wall and the little red railing for the steps.

Tree house sleeping loft

The structure is air-conditioned with a portable unit and fan that blows the cooled air up inside and it has electricity like for the light above the bed.

Tree house back door and deck

Back door with cafe table and chairs, small sample window, shutters, and even a window box.

Tree house suspension bridge

Suspension bridge connects to a floating crow’s nest.

Homemade train under tree house

A choo-choo train under the house is just one of Jeri’s creations made out of objects she found, buttons, scrap metal, and wood.

This ends our tour of Steve and Jeri Wakefields’ most incredible tree house I have ever seen.  Since I have only shown you some of the Tree House, click over to Houzz, Sarah Greenman for more details and photos.

Source: Sarah Greenman, Houzz for The Most Incredible Kids’ Tree House You’ll Ever See?


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