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  1. It is worth every penny and I can have you over for coffee or tea and biscuits.

  2. This is just up my alley- so to speak. I love it- the potential, the property. All it will take is money- but I’d get to be your neighbor! That’s got to worth a lot!

  3. I had to go look up elevenses. It is a snack in the morning like cake or biscuits served with tea.

  4. You are the most amazing person Carol. Your life story should be in a book now.

  5. I love the built in cabinet in the dining room.

    When we lived in Jamaica, we rented the carriage house of a “great house” – they don’t call them mansions. The owners of the great house would have us over for elevenses on the porch each Sunday. And the wife had me over for tea every afternoon.

  6. I think every house should have a coach house in the backyard to rent out.

  7. Renting out the main house and live in the coach house Jenny, I did not even think of that, but it would be a great way to go. Thanks Jenny Lynn

  8. OMG! The potential of this property is amazing. I actually think the kitchen in the coach house is cuter than the main house. Any single or older couple could live in the coach house, and rent out the main house to make a bit more money.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    The coach house is adorable! It is so lush and green where you live!

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