Tropical Cottage Style House in the Bahamas

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Discover this open living tropical cottage style house photographed by Brenda Olde in Parrot Cay, Bahamas.  Brenda Olde’s story about the island cottage on Houzz, tells of a couple named Dave and Phoebe Gale who went to the Bahamas as newlyweds in 1954 and never left.  I’ve tried to talk the hubby into not returning while on vacation with no luck, so Dave and Phoebe are my heroes

The open concept cottage has no screens and has few real walls, but more doors, windows, or louvers defining spaces.  Plus, the house is divided with the kitchen, dining room, and living room under one roof and the bedrooms and bathrooms under another roof.  Even more interesting is the house has 10 large openings including 24 doors, five louvered openings, and five awning window openings that gives the home a lot of light and breezes throughout.  The house also has marvelous views of the ocean.

Bahamian cottage by Brenda Olde
Sandy path down to the dock.
Dave and Phoebe Gale's cottage in the Bahamas
Bahama house living room Open living area with louvered doors.  The painting under the eaves is by the owner’s father.
Open Living house in Bahamas by Brenda Olde
The living room, dining area, and kitchen under one roof.
Bahamian Open House by Brenda Olde
Patio area in Bahama house
Tropical patio area shows the clever doors (seen here and below) that the owners designed. The wide doors swing up by ropes or blocks or are held by sticks.
House in Bahamas with open living design
Kitchen in house in the Bahamas
Per Island Life and Love in the Bahamas:  “The hibiscus vase has hung in this same place since 1958.”
Bedroom in Bahamas
Open bedroom with easy window doors held open with sticks.

Tropical bedroom in Bahamas
Yard in Bahamian Open House

The yard with hanging fishing floats and miles of ocean views.  I love the turquoise decor and barefoot, care-free easy living.  I am thinking about how the house has no screens to keep bugs out.  I know the lizards in the area help keep bugs down, but what about the lizards sharing your living space?  Guess it comes with easy island living and getting used to the native creatures, and just takin it easy Bahama style.

To see more about this Cottage in the Bahamas called Bahamian Open House on Houzz see Island Life and Love in the Bahamas.

Dave Gale wrote a book about their life called Below Another Sky: A Bahama Memoir seen at Dave Gale Books.

All photos and information via Houzz Brenda Olde.

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