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  1. You know Candy, I did not see the pine stick kitchen cabinets! Those have to be one of the most original ideas for cabinets ever!

  2. The storybook cottage is my favorite of the three. The wood floors are gorgeous! I am in love with the third house (the one with the Lake Tahoe view) on the NY Times site too. I am totally fascinated by the way they finished off the kitchen cabinet doors with the polished pine sticks.

  3. Great, it’s nice to think of a whimsical retirement home like this!

  4. I like the first one nice retirement home {:-)

  5. Thnaks Anj, I always look forward to your comments. Never saw such a beautiful canopy bed like this before.

  6. wow that last bedroom is almost as big as my apt lol great round up sue

  7. Quaint and lovely is a perfect description Carolann.

  8. I go way overboard on how much I like fairy tale look homes myself. Have a great holiday weekend Carol.

  9. Thanks Sarah, I don’t like where the boat house sits in a shipyard, but love every inch of it otherwise. Have a nice holiday weekend.

  10. House Crazy Sarah says:

    nice variety Sue! I like the boat house box.

  11. I love the first one too! So quaint and lovely.

  12. They are all great in their own way.

    I think I have to go with #1- I love the romantic fairy tale look.

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