House Style Collection from Pinterest

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House Style pins on Pinterest. I have collected some interesting houses on my Pinterest board that I call Beautiful Houses, so it is time to post at least some of them.  Make them do some work instead of sitting pretty on Pinterest and not earning their keep.

Collecting is kind of what we are all doing on Pinterest isn’t it? By the time I have collected enough photos of items for a board on Pinterest I feel like I have it already and it reduces my desire to go out and get it. Does that happen to you too or is it just me?  My fear is that I am becoming a hoarder like on the TV Hoarders show, only I am hoarding pins. Hoarders cannot part with their items; relief, I am not that bad.  But still, I am an addict when it comes to Pinterest.  On with the show….

House Style:

Stone house exterior - House style

The above house photo is from Houzz, but pinned via Pinterest.  The most amazing trim is what stands out.  The trim is wide and I would say bold, but yet is a soft creamy color that accents the stone house.  It’s wide open with no tall trees to obstruct the view.

craftsman house image

The pitch of the roofline is lovely and matches the roof over the upper left side window.  It is not a cookie-cutter house and is the reason I pinned it on Pinterest.  The big bold columns, the round window, and then the shape of the entrance door are another reason it sits on my Pinterest board.  Nice soft low-growing bushes.  Wide walkway and round steps.  I consider this a contemporary Tudor style house and it’s wonderful.

Stone exterior house sttke

Love the small turret that gives it a castle appearance and lends significant character to the house.  With the lights on, you can almost see what is going on inside and it looks like floor to ceiling glory for this turret.  The below photo is a different view of the same home which I should probably also pin onto Pinterest, as it is an additional photo I looked up in connection with the above picture.

Skating Pond House Exterior contemporary house style
Contemporary exterior design by Boston architect Marcus Gleysteen Architects
This has beautiful exterior ideas.  It is called Skating Pond House by the architects and should win an award.  A funny thought I say to myself sometimes is: But is it pin-worthy?  This is definitely pin worthy.
Charming boat house style

Everybody has a dream and this charming boathouse from my Pinterest board fits the bill.  Love the lower deck with chairs.  It is a happy house from my collection of houses on Pinterest.  I like this photo because it doesn’t show everything and excites the imagination about what the rest of the house looks like.

House with a lovely pool has a house style all its own

Another happy house with some serious patio fun happening.  Any nighttime photo of a house is my choice if I can find it, and this one has the entire house lit up.  Party is at 7 p.m., see you there!

Famous Wisteria Lane house

Famous Wisteria Lane house from the TV show Desperate Housewives.  Whose house is this on the show?  Do you know?

Tuscon house style
Sue - Housekaboodle

Finally, one of my cherished Pinterest pins is this Tuscan style home.  I am Lady Gaga for this type of style inside and out, from the roof to the railings it’s all perfect and not hard on the eyes.  Enjoy the view, and comment away about these houses or a house style that is your preferred taste.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick NYC Townhouse

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Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray

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