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  1. So glad to hear you like the Tuscan house too. I would love to wake up to the upper terrace.

  2. Wow Sue these houses are amazing. I love them all and the Tuscan one especially. I always wonder what it must feel like living in a house like those. I think I wouldn’t go out much lol.

  3. Wow thank you Jacqueline, now I know you like yellow houses along with Anya of course.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    These are magnificent! in every form of words, especially the house Anya lives in. She would dream of this, house each day. With her tail wagging and her peaceful sleeping. Yellow dog for a yellow house, yellow haired girl with her yellow house. two big hearts together as one. Together forever with too much love to give! caring for everyone they meet!. grabbing success at every breath as they walk among their feet. these homes tell a story of life. <3

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