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  1. It is a Mayberry type of place to live and over the years I loved people’s reaction when they found out about Wheaton being dry.

  2. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Neat stuff Sue! Looks like a Mayberry type of place! And a dry town? Wow! The only places like that I knew of in Canada were some Native Reserves! But that didn’t go over very well.

  3. Yes, Wheaton is a lot like Bedord Falls and living a wonderful life there undisturbed by Mr. Potter and his desire for Pottersville is exactly what Wheaton can offer residents. XXXOOO!

  4. How interesting- the fires and the town history. Is your photo of the town current? It looks a lot like mine, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Like Bedford Falls, from It’s A Wonderful LIfe. I just knew we had a lot in common. XXXOOO

  5. Thanks Karen, this was my first adventure with Google maps

  6. What a neat idea, putting in the interactive Google maps to illustrate your story, Sue! Wheaton looks like a pretty little town, and too funny about Uncle Ned.

  7. Hi Marie, Thank you for such a glowing comment. I am happy you found me.

  8. Hello – not sure how I found this site, exactly, but I have just wasted an enormous amount of time looking at flintstone houses, tree houses, hobbit houses. . LOVED IT!! Thank you so much for such a delightful site!

  9. Hi Carol, Wow! Yes, Beautiful Wheaton College is in town.

  10. I loved watching Bozo the Clown as a child.

    Is Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois? I have many friends of all age groups who graduated from Wheaton College.

  11. Now, they have festivals in town serving liquor. I don’t drink to worry about it, but nice to be able to have one in town when the situation presents itself.

  12. You hit it right on the nose Debra. Hopefully, fire is our Superman power.

  13. Oh yes, I remember, no bars, no liquor stores in Wheaton. When I just became of age, to drink, I had to go just north of Wheaton on Gary avenue, just to get a beer.

  14. Sue, your Guardian Angels have been watching over you and your family. It always causes one to acknowledge how fragile our lives truly are when you think about how close to harm we could come with just a few changed circumstances.


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