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Rossdhu Gate Scottish Tudor Castle

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Rossdhu Gate is a Scottish Tudor Castle royal home for sale in Chevy Chase Maryland. Rossdhu Gate is what remains today of a now gone 30 room castle.

The castle was originally built by Mrs. Daisy Calhoun and her husband, a wealthy Washington couple.  Daisy, being of Scottish descent, had the dream to build this nod to Scotland’s Rossdhu Castle, a 15th-century stone castle.

Rossdhu Gate is said to have a stone from the original 11th-century castle ruins of Robert the Bruce set somewhere.  Along the highway of ancestry, my family is linked to Robert the Bruce King of Scots or so the story goes.

Rossdhu Gate Circa 1928, original castle and this gatehouse photos from the past and story is well documented on Rossdhugate.

THE TRAGEDY: After the crash of 1929, Daisy had to move into the gatehouse. The property was auctioned off and the castle was demolished in 1957.

Still-standing Rossdhu Gate house has had four owners over the years.

Rossdhu Gate Scottish Tudor Castle

Wee Loch Lomond pond borders Rossdhu Gate.  Daisy used it for winter ice-skating parties and referred to it as Braemar Lodge in honor of her Scottish ancestors, House of Mar.

Rossdhu CastleRossdhugate

Daisy’s dream castle now gone, lives on in history. 

Entrance 3207 Woodbine St Chevy Chase MD

ENOUGH WITH THE PAST:  With a respectful curtsy and bow….welcome my subjects.

Kitchen 3207 Woodbine st Chevy Chase MD

Beautiful marble mosaics under the kitchen wing.

Gargoyles 3207 Woodbine Chevy Chase MD

Gargoyle guarding the balcony are the friendly kind.

Foyer 3207 Woodbine St Chevy Chase MD

Stairway Rossdhu castle MD for sale

Circular staircase leads to the tower.

Living rm 3207 Woodbine st Chevy Chase MD

The owners have spectacular taste.  There is no denying these are kingly quarters, but floor rugs and comfy furniture make it a home.

Library 3207 Woodbine St Chevy Chase MD

The bookcases are hand stenciled.  I like the 3 steps down into this library and the shape of the entrance.

Front master bedroom

A lot of art on the walls in almost every room.  Ever wonder like me if some of the furnishings come with the sale of the home?

Rossdhu Gate castle for sale

CASTLES COST A BUNDLE:  The castle is in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  It has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and almost 4,000 square feet for $1,500,000.  The two sections of the house are joined by the enclosed bridge over the gate.  The tower encompasses four stories.

I always want to see what is going on at the top of castle towers.

There are many more rooms fit for a king and queen to see.  Take the virtual tour.

Robert the Bruce

Robert The Bruce

Hmm, maybe there’s some resemblance around the eyes….


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