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  1. They are both. You can go there and stay to try out their models and they are for sale.

  2. hello, is this tiny home at canoe bay, for rent? to rent to buy. try it?

  3. I want to park it in the backyard until retirement and then take off on an adventure.

  4. This is such a neat idea – cute and rustic combined – I’ll take one…Now where to park it!

  5. Whoa Dang- that is so darn cool!

  6. Temps permitting for sure Shelia. I want to hitch this up and take it to Georgia with all the snow we have had here in Illinois

  7. It’s look simply beautiful and the best thing about this mobile home that there are no property taxes. It’s an ideal home for using in your farmhouse to accommodate some extra guests.

  8. Love it! I like the idea of using it as a getaway, then turning it into a guest house after retirement. The screened in porch is my favorite part, would want to spend most nights there, temps permitting.

  9. Yes it definitely would Anj and all your dogs could sleep on the screened-in porch.

  10. wow i think it would make for cozy vacation spot

  11. Yes and from what I understand, the specs are probably more relaxed in a foreign country. I enjoyed doing this post a lot.

  12. WOW!

    A lot of people we know have retired to Baja California, Mexico. Their money goes a lot further in Mexico. An Escape would be an easy solution to the building of a house in a foreign country.

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