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  1. Thanks for the insight on picking paint colors. We just moved into a new home and exterior paint is terrible. so I’m desperate to change them right away!!

  2. Great .. Thanks for sharing this valuable article

  3. Nice videos and website you have there Painter Perth!

  4. Thank you for such a nice compliment. Interesting to know neutral and brights are popular in Florida, but it makes so much sense.

  5. We painted the kitchen and sunroom in yellows with Behr paint and I like it a lot.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Like you Sue, I can spend hours whiling away in the paint section of the hardware store – or even Walmart for that matter!

  7. Hi! My hubby likes to be in charge of “projects” most of the time too.

  8. I haven’t done any paint projects and I usually leave that for hubby to do. Those are some beautiful houses though. 🙂

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