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Exterior House Color Ideas – Behr Paint

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I headed over to Home Depot for exterior house color ideas with Behr Paint. Deciding what color to paint the exterior of your house is a big decision.  Pick a paint brand you love and then explore their exterior house color ideas.  

Of note, I read that yellow houses sell 80% faster than any other color of house.

Classic traditional white is never out of style.  Add deeper colors to accent doors, shutters and windows when using white.  When using light hues, also pick two other colors; one for trim and one for accents and doors.  Make one of these choices a dark color for interest to your house exterior.

Midtone exterior house colors are popular and easy on the eye.  Keep in mind the color of your roof and paving.  Midtones paired with deep accent colors add warmth and depth.  Deep rich exterior house colors reduce the mass of your house helping it to blend into its setting.  Consider how light sets on your house by paint testing sample colors on the exterior first before you buy.

Exterior House Color Ideas - Behr Paint

Body: Expedition Khaki  Trim: Toasted Marshmellow  Accent: Island Palm

Behr Paint Midtone exterior color ideaBody: Malted Milk  Scallop: Adobe Straw  Accent:  Clay Ridge

Beautiful examples of the popular warm mid-tone exterior house color ideas. Your house style such as craftsman or classic traditional often dictates paint color decisions.

Behr Marquee paint ideas Charming pastels paired with rich jewel tones are perfect for cottages and Victorian house styles.

Deep rich exterior house color ideaBody: Chocolate Sprinkle  Trim: Chocolate Coco  Accent: Mountain Elk

Deep rich colors blend a house with its surroundings as if planted by nature.

White stucco house with dark trimBody: Polar Bear  Trim: Winter Hedge  Accent: Florence Brown

White paint color calling attention to dark architectural details.

Behr Paint at Home DepotCheck out Behr Paint exterior house color ideas at Home Depot.

Behr Paint rated #1Behr Premium Plus Ultra line has the new paint and primer in one technology.  It has great hide and coverage and is stain, dirt and mildew resistant.

Behr MarqueeTheir new exterior house line of paint is MARQUEE.  Marquee is a specialty paint to keep your exterior house color looking its best year after year.  Marquee’s gloss retention locks in sheen and is resistant to rain even 60 minutes after application.  It has exceptional dirt resistance, advanced fade protection, is mildew resistant, and is a paint and primer in one.  Marquee was created with the goal to keep exterior house colors looking great even under the most severe weather conditions.

Home Depot Behr Paint GirlThank you Behr Paint Home Depot color expert for all your color tips.  I want to paint my front room and hallway this fall and picked up sample interior paint colors the sales girl helped me pick out.

Here’s a roundup of some color combinations.

Behr Midtone Exterior Paint Color IdeasMidtones

Deep rich exterior house color ideas Deep Rich Tones

White and Light Paint Color IdeasWhites and light tones

The Behr Paint brochures available at Home Depot show even more helpful examples of exterior color combinations.

Have you done any paint projects this year?

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