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  1. Gave me a giggle. A lot of us would like to live in a shack in California weather and lifestyle. Always surprises me when readers are shocked at California prices though, so not everyone is aware of how much homes cost there.

  2. Living in California, I am always surprised at how little it costs to buy houses in other parts of the country. A literal shack in the ghetto in my town sells for about $250,000 – not livable and in a sketchy neighborhood.

    But, we love the lifestyle and weather of California so we have to put up with expensive homes!

  3. Thank you Crystal now I need to come to SC to see the same size homes with acreages for a lot less.

  4. These are some nice homes. Here in SC, these same size homes with a LOT of acreages will sell for a lot less than these prices. It amazes me how the same type of houses can sell for a lot less around here compared to other places.

  5. All lovely and all great prices for sure! What a great investment they would make too.

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