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Old Farmhouse Fixer Upper To Love

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I kind of love this old Farmhouse style home for sale. I’ve kept an eye on it for years to see what happens to it. The listing says the owner is having a hard time letting go of the old Farmhouse. It was his mother’s home. I think it’s easy to understand being sentimental about the homes our parent’s lived in that is for sure. If you buy the house and adjoining lots you can do what you want with it. If you buy just the house then the adjoining lots will be sold off, so advice is to buy the house and lots. So I guess the owner wants to save this old house.

It’s a corner lot and I have imagined over the years that someone will buy it and put up a new beautiful home. I get it. But there is something about…

Old Farmhouse Fixer Upper To Love this old farmhouse.

Farmhouse style home Warrenville IL for saleMe and old house lovers, want it to stay like it is, get all fixed up inside and out and be a shiny new fixer upper. The fence style balconies and garage remind me of horses. I wonder if prior to other homes going up in the area long ago if the property had horses?

Warrenville Rd FarmhouseThere hasn’t been much if any activity around this house for years likely due to an elderly person living here.

Old Farmhouse Fixer Upper to loveLove, love the old ornate fireplace inside.

Farmhouse living room home is for sale Lots of windows and light streaming into the living area.

House for sale Warrenville IL Daniel & Associates Real Estate

Daniel & Associates Real Estate

Daniel & Associates Real Estate Warrenville house for saleOld farmhouse lovers will like seeing the knotty pine wood that new owners might replace.

Daniel & Associates Real Estate Warrenville house for sale 2

Farmhouse kitchen Daniel & Associates Real Estate Warrenville, ILI could easily see replacing the kitchen cabinet doors with cottage style fronts and black hardware. The door leads to the backyard.

Daniel & Associates Real Estate Warrenville, IL 3

Old Farmhouse to Love Balcony

Rear of farmhouse for sale Daniel and Associates Real EstateIt could really be so cute all fixed up. Are there any historic old farmhouse lovers out there?

Daniel and Associates listing details say: “Seller really loves this home. It’s his Mother’s former home and is having a hard time letting it go.

Built in 1938, this old Farmhouse fixer upper to love is $269,900 with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage and 1,392 square feet of living space.


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  1. Thank you for the help xo. I noticed that someone moved into this house, sort of, but I can’t tell yet what they’re going to do with it.

  2. It’s charming, and a fabulous price too. Definitely needs some updating, but that’s part of the fun :).

    (Thought I’d let you know you repeat a couple of sentences in your post toward the top.)

  3. The smaller icons work out so much better. You can see the entire line of type now and still see the social apps easily.


  4. This would be happy news if you moved into this country home. Someone just like you is going to buy this old farmhouse to love I think.

  5. I thought it looks larger than the stated square footage too. I will do another post on it when it gets sold or torn down and replaced. I made the social shares smaller for now and hope that makes it better..they are something I am testing out and I so appreciate the feedback.

  6. Love this house!! Just the way it is 🙂 Can I move in tomorrow? The living area / fireplace is my favorite part!!

  7. I love the knotty pine paneling and that beautiful fireplace in the living room. I would have to update the kitchen and baths but in a manner that keeps with the houses character. The parquet flooring in the living room looks like it is linoleum, that would have to go too, maybe it could be replaced with a floor made from reclaimed wood. It looks a lot bigger than the 1392 square feet from the outside.

    By the way, there is a strip of social site icons(like Pinterest, twitter, & Facebook) running down the left hand side of your blog that wasn’t there before. I can only read the first couple of words from the bottom three lines on the page and one line at the top. Same thing for leaving a comment. Just thought you would like to know. I do have an older monitor maybe if I got one of those extra wide screen new ones I could see the whole screen.

  8. Oh what a great idea! I for one would love to know what happens to this lovely home. Be sure to keep us posted!

  9. Quaint and lovely is a perfect description Carolann. I’ll have to repost after it gets sold to show if it stayed or if it got knocked down.

  10. It’s so quaint and lovely. I wouldn’t do too much updating though – if I owned it I’d try to leave a lot of the history intact. Great price too!

  11. The house needs some updating and I hope whoever buys it wants to keep the farmhouse style. I love the architecture of the house.

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